Thursday, January 30, 2014

Big Girl Bedroom

In anticipation of Fred's arrival we've been doing a little room shuffling. Sawyer and Nora have always shared a bedroom, but since Baby #3 is a boy he would inevitably share a room with Sawyer at some point. So instead of making a new nursery space in the guest bedroom we decided to make the guest bedroom into a big girl room for Nora.

I was actually really excited to create a space for Nora for several reasons:
1) This would be my 1st attempt at a girls room!
2) I purchased a bedding set for Nora over a year ago and had yet to get it out of the package. I bought it at TJ Maxx because it was inexpensive, matched the colors in Sawyer's room (orange and blue) but was still girly. It was just a happy accident that the bedding also fit perfectly in the vibe of her big girl room.
3) I saw this image on Sherwin Williams via Pinterest and I loved it instantly. It is the inspiration shot for Nora's room.

Here's what the guest room looked like originally.

A mix of gray, white and splashes of yellow. Nothing too exciting, but it was clean and neutral.

And now transformed into Nora's big girl room:

I adore the final outcome and Nora is so excited every time she goes in her new room (that's what it is all about, right?)!
Now for the details…
The room actually didn't take much to put together because we used the paint color, curtain, furniture and rug that were already in the room. The bedding I purchased has grey in it so it was just a happy accident that the room was originally gray and yellow. And all the art we had from her previous room, 1 year birthday party or was taken from storage.

The bed skirt we received as a wedding gift and it had never been used (our bed doesn't accommodate a bed skirt). It was off-white, but I simply bleached it and it came out bright white and helped complete the look of the bed. The Cynthia Rowley quilt was purchased over year ago at TJ Maxx. It is twin sized but it seems to fit the full size bed perfectly. I made the orange chevron pillows using pillows we already had and the orange fabric is left over from Nora's kitchen project.

In terms of the art/accessories the orange frame print, fabric "E," white mirror and blue bow holder were all taken from her nursery. The large white mirror and the sunburst mirror were already in the guest room. The scallop bunting and embroidery hoop art was from her 1st birthday party. The only art I "created" was the striped canvas "E." I've had the large canvas sitting in storage for several years and could never settle on a good place for it. When I saw the large empty wall in the room I knew the large canvas would be a perfect solution. However, I am no artist so I needed to create something simple. I used painter's tape to divide the canvas into stripes. I painted the gray and once that was dry I painted the white lines. Then I purchased a large cardboard letter "E" painted it in a coordinating color and attached it to the canvas with 3M picture hanging strips. The total cost for a 25x25 inch piece of art was $2.50 for the craft paint and letter.

The only other thing we purchased for the room was a dresser. We got it on Craigslist. I love that it is solid wood and has nice clean lines. When we purchased the dresser it had been painted a dark gray, but the paint job was chipping off. Kyle sanded the dresser to reveal the wood. Then I primed and painted it. I LOVE how it turned out. Total cost for the transformation was approximately $50. The dresser was $40 and I spent a little more than $10 on the paint since I went with Sherwin Williams, but I have a ton of it left for other projects.
There is one more project I would like to complete. I painted the chevron curtain almost 3 years ago and I never got around to a 2nd coat of paint (I was too excited to hang it), but it really does need another coat.
For a little over $50 we have totally transformed the guest room into a girly retreat for Nora. I probably say this with every makeover, but I truly think this is my favorite room in the house.

And no worries to all our future guests. This will still be the guest room. We now have a set of bunk beds that will soon be in Sawyer's room. Nora will be transplanted to the bunk beds when we have guests :)

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  1. LOVE! Oh how much fun she'll have in her room. I wish my room looked that cute and pretty.... ;) Enjoy, Nora! And good work, mama (and daddy!).