Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sawyer Sayings & Eleanora Explanations

Miss Butterfly riding Sparky the Spiderman Sawyer

Bedtime prayer:
Jesus, thank you for protecting me. I am a talking dog. Mommy and Daddy are VERY proud of me standing up to pee. Amen

Playing I spy:
I spy something clear and invisible.

On the way to school:
Me: I'm so sorry I forgot your backpack at home.
Sawyer: It's okay Mom! Good thing I have hands.

Every time we pull into our house or school:
Home sweet home
Home sweet school

Sawyer and I having a conversation about who knows what...
Sawyer: That is weird...even for me!
being silly for Kolter
After a few minutes of deep contemplation, in a very sad voice:
Mom, I really, really want to fly to outer space

While driving in the car at night:
Sawyer: Mom I am scared of the dark. I am going to talk to Jesus. Jesus, I am scared of the dark, please protect me….long pause…Mom, Jesus isn't answering me!

While talking about marriage at dinner
Sawyer: Mom, I want to marry you and have 6 kids!


After a particularly grueling get-out-the-door experience (get everyone dressed, pottied, shoes on, coats on, out the door, in the car and buckled in) I sit in the drivers seat and said "You are..."
Without missing a beat Nora interjects "Amazing!" Yes, yes, that's what I was thinking ;)
Actually I was going to say "You are on my nerves." Not my finest moment, but a certain 3 year old certainly turned my attitude around quickly.

Scene: Nora is distraught in the car because she forgot to bring a certain toy.
Me: (I see a toy on the floor) You can have this My Little Pony.
Nora: (in a super exasperated tone) That's not your little pony it's MINE.

And this cracked me up: at a recent church event with new leaders they must have asked Nora's name and thought she said "Laura." I asked her if people kept calling her Laura and she said "yes!" Then I proceeded to ask if she corrected them and she said "No, I just answered to Laura all night."
We have a little hook toy that the kids use to play Captain Hook. I realize this is inappropriate, but she says it often and has no idea what she is saying.
Where's my hooker?
Oh, there's my hooker!

Nora: Mom, my eyes hurt.
Me: Why do your eyes hurt?
Nora: From ALL the TV I watched! (she had just finished watching 30 minutes of TV at daddy's office while I worked out :)

After doing her hair:
I look FABULOUS! (she certainly doesn't have confidence issues :)

She was sent to her room for sneaking candy. I went to talk to her about her disobedience. We talked about her poor choice. Then I started talking about her consequence. She cut me off…
Nora: Mom is it time for grace now?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Jesus' Birthday Party

Before we left for Christmas break our little family of 5 celebrated with a birthday party for Jesus. When the kids awoke they ran downstairs to find their stockings full of goodies.


After unpacking the stockings we ate a breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Then we read the Christmas story from the Bible and they placed the last piece of the nativity scene, baby Jesus.

Then we opened our gifts to each other. Kyle and I typically buy 4 gifts for the children: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read/learn.

Sawyer received bike tires for his big boy bike we got at a garage sale this summer, Leap Frog books, summer clothes, and a Lego mat + Lego's.

Nora received a new Jessie doll (that works :), gymnastics leotards, some clothes and a few craft supplies.

Kolter received a big boy hooded towel, a set of sheets, an alligator toy, book and Nike tennis shoes.

With each gift Nora would get so excited and give it a hug! So sweet!

a wonderful scene of joy and blessing I want to remember forever

Each year our church hosts a 3 Wisemen Shop where the kids are able to choose gifts for their parents. Kyle received a glitter lamp from Sawyer and an OSU hat from Nora. It was so cute after Nora chose the gift she couldn't hold in the surprise. She started to tell us what she got and I cut her off and told her it was a secret and we needed to wait until we opened the gifts. She proceeded to turn to Daddy and whisper emphatically "it's a RED hat." I love that she knew her Daddy always wears a hat, however we are not OSU fans so it probably won't get much use.

I received a nail art kit and nail dryer from Sawyer and Nora chose a jewelry set.

It's always so fun to see what they choose for us!

Kolter was excited for his own hooded towel just like his siblings have
so excited about his big boy tires

Christmas morning cuddles for Momma

And to end our sweet little family time we brought out the cake, lit the candles and sang happy birthday to Jesus. Then the kids enjoyed eating cake at 9 am ;) And just to make note the kids helped me with the cake...they requested Jell-o poke cake with sprinkles, so that's what we made

Friday, December 26, 2014

Kids Krafts

A few kids crafts I made over the past 6 months:

a sweet monogrammed bib for my new nephew
a cardigan onesie for my little man, Kolter
a Lego mat for my big man, Sawyer
 I made Sawyer a Lego mat for Christmas. I made it this summer, but it ended up being a very timely gift for my Lego lover. The Lego mat is big enough he can spread out and make all kind of creations. And now that Kolter is on the move it's the perfect space to spread out, but pick up quickly if little brother is on the loose.

And for the little girls in the Schenk family I made matching skirts and coordinating hair accessories.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Card {2014}

Merry Christmas! Wishing you all a joyful holiday filled with love and celebration for Christ's birth!

Our pictures were taken by Made In His Image Photography when we were visiting the Wisconsin Dells. And I created our Christmas card design.

Monday, December 22, 2014


As the kids get older we are trying to solidify some of our family traditions.

1) Advent Reading
Last year we used an Advent reading plan using the Jesus Storybook Bible. We may eventually do a Jesse Tree, but this year we decided to stick with the Jesus Storybook Bible reading plan. During this special time each evening we added a more activities. Each night 1 of the kids gets to pick a nativity piece (Little People set). Then we discuss the important role of that person/animal. Also, as we receive Christmas cards each day we pray for that family during our devotion time. This has really been a great exercise to help remember those friends and family that live far away.

2) Ornaments
Each year the kids get an ornament to represent the past year. In years past I have always made the ornaments and that will continue this year. Though I'm not sure that will always be the case :) This year I am making Kolter an ornament similar to other ones I made the kids for their first Christmas, a onesie with his name embroidered. I am making Sawyer a Lego head and Nora a Doc McStuffins Lambie.

I'll post pictures after they are finished…probably after Christmas as I hope to have some hand sewing time on the long drive :)

3) An evening of pajamas, hot chocolate and Christmas lights
We put on our pajama's, made hot chocolate and jumped in the van. We sipped on hot chocolate as we drove around town looking at the lights. A few notable points…Nora insisted on having milk in her hot chocolate. She has never drank more than 1 drop of milk at a time. She drank a whole cup in the car and declared she liked it. Needless to say we had to rush home because someone had to use the restroom :(

We've done this activity for a few years and the highlight is always the lights display in Monument Park. The parks district does a wonderful job and you can't beat the free price tag! Nora kept declaring all of the lights were "beeeeauuuutiful!"

4) A birthday celebration for Jesus
Since we are never home on Christmas morning we celebrate before we leave with a birthday party for Jesus. We haven't had it this year, but we'll read the Christmas story, decorate with balloons, bake a cake and open gifts from one another.

5) Giving to needy kids/families
During Christmas we really stress the gift that God gave us on Christmas. To further develop this concept we give gifts to others. Each year we take the kids to pick out toys for kids who do not have toys. This always hits close to home because they inevitably choose toys they want. Then we get to have another lesson about the joy of giving over receiving.

6) Making cookies
And of course we always make cookies for the neighbors. The kids LOVE to visit the neighbors and make sweet treats, so this is always a favorite tradition :)

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The day after we returned from CO we took down the fall decor and put up Christmas decorations.

This year we simplified things a bit and I love the result. I put out the decor on the bay window and the mantle. Kyle set up the tree. The kids unpacked the ornaments and placed them on the tree.

excited for Christmas decorating

This kid wanted to help too, but we spent most of the time pulling him away from all the breakables :)

The finished product!

the mantle with stockings hung
 I realize Kolter's stocking is missing and I have a good excuse. I ordered it from PB right after Thanksgiving (for a really great price too) and I received it several weeks ago, but the monogramming was all messed up. So I called to get a new one…it was supposed to be in by 12/15, but I didn't receive it so I called again and it is backordered…it should arrive 12/20…when we are gone :( I'll just use the messed up one for his actually stocking, but it looks so bad I didn't want to hang it up. At least I left room for his :)

our kid safe nativity
We have a few other decorations here and there, but nothing else elaborate. Probably one of my favorite decorations right now is the Little People nativity set we have on the coffee table. The kids are setting it up during their Advent readings (and at other times of the day :) I love that they are so interested in it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The obligatory Christmas tree shots...

We hope you have a





and fun-filled