Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wedding Day

We celebrated Cliff and Jessica's special day on Saturday!  Some of the highlights included a beautiful bride, a short and sweet ceremony, Sawyer running down the aisle, Gracie tripping while walking down the aisle and spilling her pretty petals (she made a very nice recovery :), and dancing the night away (more to come on the reception in the next post).

Sawyer looked like an adorable little man in his tuxedo!

Getting the flower girl ready

Dressing the ring bearer

How adorable are my men?

I passed off Nora during the ceremony to Kyle's aunt and uncle

Sawyer during the ceremony...he got a little sticker happy

taking a rest

Daddy and Daughter

trying to relieve the heat

giving hugs

They could be twins...cute twins :)

the 4 cousins

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The rehearsal

Friday night was the rehearsal.  Here we are all ready to practice the big day!

Nora was smitten with Kyle's cousins Breckyn and Jessie

Sawyer giving Nolan his bottle

The happy couple practicing for their big day

The flower girl and ring bearer taking their job very seriously

After the rehearsal we had a BBQ dinner.  My SIL, Candace, did a great  job with the decorations.  She used burlap runners, ball jars, assorted flowers, and traditional red gingham napkins.

Pie Bar: what a way to end a BBQ!

Nolan and Candace

Enjoying the pies

My little boy lovin' on his momma

Sawyer enjoying the football pillow he received for being the ring bearer

I don't even know how to explain this

Trying his best to lick me

playing football w/ Uncle Jake

Aunt Audi and Nora

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedding week'o'fun

We had a wedding week'o'fun!  With lots of family in town we stayed super busy. Sunday we celebrated Father's Day and went on a marathon shopping adventure.

We went to the zoo on Monday.  Tuesday we attempted to visit Harry London chocolate factory but they weren't producing any chocolate that day. Instead we ran lots of errands to prepare for the rehearsal dinner.  On Wednesday we traveled to Amish country to visit a cheese factory.  They weren't producing any cheese that day so we enjoyed the cheese samples and headed home. 

Thursday we made pies for the rehearsal dinner then welcomed more family to Canton.  In the afternoon we went to the bride's house and put together the favor boxes.  That evening the boys left for the bachelor party and the girls hit the town.  We started our fun at Chucky Cheese.  We ate pizza and the kids loved playing the games and watching the huge mouse dance around.  It was Sawyer's first visit and he LOVED it!  The next day he couldn't stop talking about the frog game he played and the Barney ride.  From there we visited a local fro-yo establishment for some sweet goodness.  Then we capped the night off with a little shopping. 

Friday morning bright and early all the girls went to the salon for pedicures!  Then we enjoyed lunch together and we finished the morning with a stop at the cupcake bakery to celebrate Jessie's 18th birthday!

Friday and Saturday deserve their own posts...more to come.

Then to round out our week on Sunday we napped, went to the hotel swimming pool, and ate a bunch of left overs.

It's been a fun, crazy up the actual wedding festivities.  I didn't take a lot of pictures during the week because we were having too much fun...but don't you worry there are upcoming posts will be filled with wedding pics.

Enjoying our pedis

The final results!

Kyle's attempt at keeping Sawyer contained
Nora drying off