Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pretty Trash {Scrap Fabric}

Between school papers, Sunday school papers and kids snack bags our van is constantly overrun with trash. I decided months ago I needed to make a trash receptacle for the car and if I was going to take the time to make a trash bag I wanted it to be cute :)

I searched on Pinterest and found this tutorial from Ditchin' Time Quilts. I didn't follow the tutorial exactly. I made mine slightly larger than her measurements and I put the heavy duty interfacing inside the layers of fabric so I still have the support, but I don't have to worry about losing the interfacing over time (i.e. if my husband empties the trash and throws it away). I'll just put a small plastic bag on the inside and secure it by placing the plastic handle over the trash bag handle.

One great thing about this project is I used what I had on hand in scrap fabric.

Hopefully this little pretty in the car will help me stay on top of the trash and clutter in the van. Here's to keeping the van clean and warmer weather so I can actually clean it out thoroughly :)

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