Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Colorado Christmas

I can't quite seem to get back in a blogging groove. I think I'm still trying to recover from all the holiday travel. So this post will be very picture heavy without too many words, but I wanted to post about Christmas before Valentine's Day :)

On Christmas Eve we went to my parent's church service then home for our traditional family dinner of potato soup.

The kids with Nana and Papa

After dinner we had a birthday celebration for Jesus. G-pa read the Christmas story. Noah and Aunt Christina made the cake then we sang happy birthday and had dessert. Can you tell the kids were excited about the cake?

On Christmas morning we ate breakfast and then headed downstairs to open gifts. Of course we had to start with the stockings.
Our little family in our pi's on Christmas morning

And this has nothing to do with Christmas, she's just cute

Opening gifts

One of Sawyer's favorites was a personalized DVD starring Sawyer as Turbo Kid. He also received a scooter that he is mastering as he rides around the living room :)

And Nora opening her favorite gift of the day…Woody with a head :) If you recall our Woody doll lost his head several months ago, but Nora continued to carry him around. She was very excited about this gift and soon after the present opening was complete she ran upstairs to grab Jessie and headless Woody so they could be introduced to the new Woody :)
Papa and Nana opening gifts and sometimes you just have to put the bow (or feathers in this case) in your hair

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