Saturday, August 31, 2013

Party Details {Minnie Mouse}

I did a post about Nora's Minnie Mouse 2nd birthday party, but I never showed you the details of the party. So, here it is! 

Nora's party was a play date with other 2 year old girls from church. It was a pretty laid back party with  approximately 10 people and it was the perfect size for my little girl. So lets get to the fun party details.

The Mickey Mouse cupcakes made from Oreos and mini Oreos

The table runner is a yard of fabric from Jo-Ann's and the Minnie Mouse cupcake topper was a toy Nora already had.

I made 2 Minnie Mouse silhouettes that hung above the food table
Minnie Corndogs
Minnie's Jewels: fruits and veggies

Bow Pasta Salad

The favors included a box of crayons, kazoo, Minnie Mouse accessory, and a handmade red hair bow (just like Minnie)
The mantle for the birthday girl

Coloring station
Minnie Mouse puzzle station

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movie Night

This is going back a way, but the last weekend before football started we decided to have a movie night with the kids complete with a fort, popcorn and licorice.

Sawyer chose to rent Toy Story 3 (surprise, surprise). The kids each picked out a treat. Daddy built a fort and I made popcorn. Then we put on our pajama's and grabbed lots of pillows and blankets to snuggle up for the show.

It was so fun to watch a movie as a family of 4!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Potty Training {#2}

On Nora's 2nd birthday we began her potty training adventure. I was nervous because we decided to take the plunge at 2. Sawyer was 2 1/2 and beyond ready to be potty trained, so he was pretty easy. However, Nora just turning 2 was only just beginning to show signs of readiness. Such as she would tell us before she went #2.

We once again employed the 3 Day Potty Training Method by Lora Jensen. And I'm happy to report it worked like a charm!

The 1st day brought lots of accidents in the morning, I think 10. But she stayed dry through nap and had no accidents in the afternoon or evening. The 1st night which I always dread she stayed dry. The 2nd morning I was feeling good about the process then Nora had 5 accidents in a span of 3 hours and I was feeling very defeated and wanted to give up. But we persevered and she stayed dry through nap and the whole afternoon! The 3rd day was a Monday and I felt pretty confident that she had grasped the concept, but I was nervous because we had our 1st official outing (Nora's 2 year doctor visit). Happy to report no accidents and she even went at the doctor's office telling me when she had to go. The ran a few more errands that day and she did great staying dry. I think she had 1 accident on the 3rd day because I didn't get her up from her nap right away. And this trend has continued. She averages about 1 accident a day and sometimes they are my fault. For example, one day I took a shower and she couldn't open the bathroom door to tell me she needed to go potty so when I finished I found her sitting outside the door with wet pants. Poor thing is too small to get on the potty by herself.

The hardest part about the whole journey is having to stick by your child's side for 3 days. It may not sound that bad, but they literally can't be out of your sight until the "get it." It took Nora 2 days to "get it" and I could not wait to turn over the reins to Kyle and get out of the house. I think Nora was also getting tired of me because a few times she said "Just wait here. I'll be right back."

I wrote the above paragraphs soon after the potty training adventure. It's now been about 1 month with no diapers and I'm happy to report she is doing very well. About 3 weeks in we were down to a few accidents a week. She has even started getting on the big toilet all by herself. So proud of our big "baby" girl!

And sorry there are no pictures...I don't think we need to put that out there :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Girl Bed

A week before Nora turned two she got to experience a major rite of passage. Kyle tore apart the crib and turned it into a toddler bed.

Here is Nora's 1st reaction to her big girl bed.

She was very excited and she did very well. The first night she never got down and she slept through the night. As the 1st week progressed she got down from her bed a few times, mostly when Sawyer got out of bed. But for the most part she did very well with the transition.

Also a few times we heard a thud in the night, but she never made a sound. We went in to check on her and it was apparent she had fallen out of bed because her blankets were on the floor, but she crawled back up in bed immediately and never woke up.

Big girl bed transition up potty training.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Update {Updated}

Updated: Today Sawyer went to his annual vision exam for estropia. I'm happy to report the doctor saw no signs of his eyes crossing and no prescription (2 years ago he was +2 and last year he was a +1). The optometrist was pleased with his progress and said he probably will continue to improve. Such different news than we received he was first diagnosed. They said it would continue to get worse until he was 5-7 years old. Praise the Lord for a healthy little boy with healthy dark brown eyes!

Recently Sawyer afforded me the rare opportunity to take his picture and I took full advantage.

We are in the thick of football camp! When people ask how we are doing I say "surviving." The kids are doing pretty well. Except for missing daddy and the usual discipline issues they are having fun. We try to plan activities every morning to keep us busy. Naps are a must in the afternoon. The best part of the day is dinner with Daddy. Then we typically go to night football practice. We are taking 1 day at a time. Mommy and Daddy are both exhausted, but thankful for God's grace :) Hopefully I'm not coming across as negative. As always we are having good moments and bad moments. It just makes me even more thankful for happy times and even more prayerful in the hard moments because I'm even more aware that I can't do this whole parenting thing by my own strength.

We experienced a tragic event the other night. Sawyer was playing with Woody and Jessie. He tossed Woody and it landed just right and broke his head at the neck. We are hoping when daddy gets a chance he can glue/tape him back together. I think I was more distraught than Sawyer. Both kids play with Woody multiple times a day. Any toy that provides hours of entertainment for my children is pretty priceless...hopefully he can be fixed :)

Sawyer starts preschool soon! I can't believe my baby is old enough for school. I recently went to his school orientation. The school moved locations during the summer so it was nice to take a tour of the school and meet his teacher. I'm excited to see how Sawyer grows socially in a preschool environment.

The kids have been playing really well together. They play pretend (making dinner, being superheroes, playing 3 Little Pigs, etc). They play hide and seek. They have even started playing board games by themselves. Sawyer will come up with a plan and Nora will always oblige. When they are playing well I usually find something to do around the house. When I leave the room the play inevitably turns into destruction...see the evidence below.

They love to take all the toys out of the toy box or pour out all the puzzles. Usually I put a stop to the destruction when I realize what is going on. However, sometimes they are having so much fun I just let them. Then we have a clean up session :) Thankful they are at the age they can play together and be best friends!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Our kids get up EARLY so sometimes they climb in our bed for some snuggles (i.e. we try to get them to go back to sleep). While it's not always fun to be awoken at the crack of dawn they are pretty cute and happy that time of day.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sawyer Sayings {4}

can you just see him saying "cheese"
 The other day Sawyer was playing upstairs and it was very quite for a few moments which always makes me nervous so I called upstairs, "Sawyer, what are you doing?" His reply very matter-of-factly: "Nothing Mom, just picking my nose."

After devouring an ice cream cone: "Mom, I've got a party in my tummy! So yummy, so yummy!"

asked him to make a silly face and this is what ensued
Before every bath he sings: Everybody get naked!

Whenever I wear a skirt or a dress (no matter how casual) Sawyer always says "Momma you are a beautiful, beautiful princess!"

While snuggling on the couch my stomach growled:
Sawyer: Mom, your belly button is talking!
Me: What is it saying?
Sawyer: John Wayne

While we all enjoyed tacos for dinner one evening...
Me: Who doesn't like tacos?
Sawyer: Jesus doesn't like tacos.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I made this dress over a year ago and she is finally able to fit in it.

I think she is pretty cute! 

To get her to comply we told her she could twirl in her dress, she was excited about that!

Mom, are we done yet?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tuscora Park

To continue our family fun week we visited Tuscora Park. We had been last year and Sawyer loved all the rides, but Nora was too little to participate. This year they both got to enjoy the excitement of the rides.

All ready to go in
All the rides are made for little kids and the park is very affordable at $.75 per ride. For the 1st ride Sawyer chose the planes. As Kyle placed Nora in the plane of her choice and walked away she started bawling. She didn't understand why Daddy had to leave her. Then the ride began, the tears ceased and she was all smiles. See the evidence below:

a wave to mom and dad

waiting in line "patiently"

riding on the train together

Sawyer and I on the ferris wheel he insists on riding even though he can't see over the rail

One of the great things about Tuscora Park is when the kids get tired of rides or when the parents get tired of paying for rides there is an actual park for them to play.
Daddy and Sawyer being monkeys

At the park they offer a full range of concession stand food for a very reasonable price so we decided to treat the kids to dinner and dessert at the park. Dessert was certainly the best part.

Nora having her 1st bite of cotton candy...I think she liked it

Sawyer with his 1st snow cone

Nora also got to experience the wonder that is a snow cone

Sawyer had a contest with himself to see how much cotton candy he could stuff into his mouth
Daddy and Nora watching the duck pond on the way out

It was a beautiful evening and we had a wonderful time as a family. It's really bittersweet as the kids grow up. We no longer have a baby to love on but it's so fun experiencing new activities with the kids. I love to see their reactions and the fun we can enjoy as a family!