Monday, May 31, 2010

1st Bite

At Sawyer's four month doctor appointment we got the green light to begin introducing food into Sawyer's diet. I was a little skeptical of starting foods so early as he had shown no interest in real food, but because of his small size we thought it might be worth a try to bulk him up. In the first week he maybe got two spoonfuls down. He had not quite figured out the swallowing vs. sucking technique. However, by week two he was eating a full serving.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The House in its Original State

Here's the house before the remodeling began. It's pretty scary, so just know you've been warned. Hopefully we'll have some finished pictures pretty soon. Our strategy was to paint and get the flooring done before our furniture arrived. We had lots of great helpers and Kyle spent lots of time painting and tearing up carpet. However, we're not completely done with any rooms. We're getting close with a few. Hopefully we'll have some "after" pictures soon.

View of the living room from the front door

View of the living room from the far wall

Upstairs Hall

Dining Room view from the front door


Other side of kitchen

Our vintage stove and oven

Basement family room

Main Bath

Main Bath
Guest Room

Master Bath

Master Room

Master Room

Sawyer's Room

Sawyer's Room

It's funny to look at these pictures now, because nothing looks like this anymore. The multi-colored carpet and the paneling is all gone. The only picture I don't have is the half-bath and the utility room. The half-bath is probably too small to get a good picture and no one really wants to see the utility room. You may have noticed some things missing in the bathrooms. Namely mirrors and other hardware such as towel rods. Whoever lived here previously decided to take the mirrors and hardware with them. Not really sure why...considering the state of the bathrooms I don't imagine they were exquisite pieces...but to each his own.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Exersaucer: he especially loves the smiling sun. He'll just look at it and smile. I think he believes it is smiling just for him :)

Super Sawyer

Hanging out upside down

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our First...

Time in the house after closing

Thing in the refrigerator (if you know my husband this is very fitting)

Night in the house (our furniture had not yet arrived)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

4 Month Stats

On May 13th Sawyer reached the 4 month mark. And on May 17th he had his doctor visit. We saw his new pediatrician for the first time.

I love the doctor, but I'm not so crazy about the nurse. Because the old doctors office forgot to send Sawyer's medical records (which I requested several weeks prior) she was asking me all sorts of questions and she was rather annoyed that I did not have all the answers. She asked exactly what week and day of gestation Sawyer was born. I have a general idea, but I certainly don't know the exact day, so she actually got the calendar out and made me count it to be sure. That was her first question and it only got worse from there. After a few questions and her attitude I gave her the phone number for the old doctor's office.

Anyway, once the doctor arrived everything went smoothly. He said Sawyer looked good and developmentally he was right on track. He received 3 shots, which was harder than the first time because he is so much more aware and because the mean nurse made me hold him down. But again I think it was harder on me than Sawyer because he stopped crying as soon as I picked him up.

His stats:
Weight 11 lb. 14 oz.
Height 23.5 in.
Head 15.5

And while he seems to be growing like a weed he is actually a very small kid. His weight and height are in the 3rd percentile. The doctor is not concerned because he is proportional, just small.

And now for some highlights at 4 months:
  • Rolls over from his stomach to his back
  • Plays with his feet
  • Interacts with his toys
  • Ate a few bites of rice cereal
  • Loves to play with his daddy
  • Laughs and giggles a lot
  • "Talks" to everyone (jibber-jabber really loud)
  • Smiles at all the people that stop to talk to him at the grocery store
  • Drools and sucks on everything
  • Likes to stand
  • Loves to play upside down
  • Favorite toy is the exersaucer

I'm Back!

Yeah, we have internet again (FINALLY)!!! Literally, like 5 minutes ago :)

I have a lot of catching up to do. Since I last left you we have finished moving in, finished a school semester, welcomed two set of grandparents for visits, and started several house projects. Oh, and some little guy turned 4 months old!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day Kyle taught Sawyer how to write! He is not only cute, he's highly intelligent :)

Okay, maybe that's not true, but this weekend was full of excitement!
  • Most of the day Friday I painted the living room while our carpet was being installed upstairs and downstairs.
  • Kyle's parents came for a visit. They arrived on Friday.
  • Saturday morning the moving truck arrived with all of our belongings.
  • Saturday noon the girls went to get pedicures for Mother's Day
  • Saturday afternoon we all attended my brother-in-law's (Troy) graduation
  • Saturday night we went out to dinner with the family and then they graciously came over to help us begin unpacking
  • Sunday we went to church, ate lunch with the family, the girls went shopping, and Kyle and his dad did some plumbing (yeah, now I can use the kitchen sink :)
So, the weekend was crazy busy, but we had a great time with family and we are so happy to be in our new home (even though it is very much a construction zone)!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's time for a break...

I'm taking a blogging break. Don't be concerned if you don't hear from me for awhile. I will be back once my semester is complete and I stop having nightmares about strategic analysis.

Oh, and by the way the moving company picked up our stuff on Monday. We have officially moved from Sterling, KS. Please pray the second half of the move goes smoothly with the moving company and as we frantically try to paint every nook and cranny of our new home before the stuff arrives.

And just to make you smile:

Photo courtesy of Candace Lynn Photography

Hope everyone has a good week!

Monday, May 3, 2010

For the Grandpa's

Sawyer loves his grandpas and great-grandpas!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Walking We Will Go

Sawyer and I have been taking advantage of all the nice spring weather in Ohio. A few weeks ago we pulled out the jogging stroller and hit the walking track. We are loving all the fresh air.