Sunday, January 26, 2014

iPhone Unload

I got my 1st smart phone in October. I guess I'm now part of the cool club :) The purchase was actually spurred by my contracting job. We don't have a portable GPS and sometimes I would get into trouble directionally when I only had my paper Google maps to consult. So, it was actually a really helpful tool during my fall busy season.

Another bonus is I always have a camera at the ready. The pictures below are the ones I captured from October - December 2013. You may have seen some of them on Facebook, Instagram or the blog, but I wanted to make sure and get them on the blog for memories sake. I love the ability to catch the kids in sweet, everyday moments.

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Nora smiling for the new camera, Sawyer already to learning to hide from the camera, Nora being silly, taking a Sonic ice cream break with the kids after a particularly long day of no daddy during football season, Sawyer playing on the iPad with a cowboy hat on of course, Sawyer @ the dentist, Nora giving me the cheese face, sibling love, Nora loves to look in the mirror after I finish doing her hair, Nora's crazy hair, Nora and her favorite doll Buzz Lightyear, Sawyer showing off his Mr. Potato Head creations, Kyle and Kristen after a football game, the big kids testing out the Bumbo for baby Fred, our house band, a girl and her balloon, visiting the Mall of America during a work trip, Nora eating a large and messy donut, reading books, holding hands, Nora's big owie, cheering on Daddy, at their first movie (Planes in 3D), eating ice cream at Chick-fil-a, visiting the fire station, in the press box at Fawcett Stadium, enamored with the 1st snow of the season, Daddy and daughter after a football game, bath time fun, Kristen's 31st birthday, Nora smiling under the covers, a mid-morning snack that they got all by themselves, the aftermath of Kristen's birthday dessert, a new hair cut, visiting Smith Center for Thanksgiving and it is a requirement to have Jiffy Burger, devouring a cupcake one lick at a time, Baby #3 at 20 weeks, Kristen's stress fracture and subsequent walking boot, Sawyer's selfie, Nora's new fashion statement, Nora's intense about her artwork, painting with snow, Sawyer and Mommy at the airport for Christmas, Daddy and Nora at the airport, Sawyer and Mommy ready for pajama day at school, Nora being serious at the airport, Sawyer reading the safety guidelines on the airplane, finally able to move around the kids are excited to play in the family bathroom at the airport, Nora doing a little Christmas shopping with Mommy, Sawyer all ready for sledding, Kyle and Kristen celebrating 8 year wedding anniversary.

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