Friday, August 18, 2017

Sewing Surge

Since moving to OK my sewing has decreased drastically. I don't know if it's because my creative energy is going toward the house or because we added a 4th child or a combination of both. But I have pulled out the 'ol machine for a few baby related projects!

Football dresses for a few of my favorite, storm lovin' babies!

And a couple of bandana bibs for a nephew and a friend. I love these catching baby drool. Stylish and practical!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Babes Basking in the Sun

A few of my favorite shots from the pool this summer. We were frequent visitors! Sawyer and Nora improved so much they are pretty independent at this point and love going off the diving board and slides. Kolter loves the water and I think he will probably be independent next summer! And thankfully, Evy loves the water too!

Monday, August 14, 2017

One Year Later...the outside

We've lived in our OK house just over a year, so for the next few weeks I'm going to document each space in the house. It's a good exercise for me to see just how far we have come, but be warned there are spaces that are still in progress and some we haven't even touched.

This is what the front looked like when we purchased the house.

And on the day we moved in

Last summer Kyle ripped everything out. My friend help me plant some boxwoods, azaleas (they have not fared well) and day lilies in the two front beds. We also added mulch. Still a work in progress, but it does look better! We haven't touched the courtyard's a mess. The plan is to remove the old rock, till it up and plant grass. Less maintenance is the key to our landscaping success ;)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Sunroom {Before & After}

The sunroom is 98% done!!!

When we purchased the house we knew this room needed some serious work, so we basically piled things in there, shut the door and never used it. It was full of mold and bugs so it just sat there. Then we decided to make it our summer project!

Here's where the room began:

And the game plan was to remove the bay window and add a French door, remove the old door and enclose it, new floors, new paint, new blinds.

First up was removing the mold filled bay window. Kyle loves a demo project and the kids love to "help."

This was our first diy that included a large, gaping hole in the house...and we had to do it twice. Once with the window and once with the door.

This is a shot of the middle of the process: new door installed, new tile floor laid, drywall work done. Now time for a lot of paint!

And here's the finished product: minus the blinds (which have now been installed) and some artwork that we haven't had a chance to complete.

We had our old couch in this room, but it was too big for the space. Since we knew this was going to be the playroom we wanted some more covered storage so we decided a daybed would be the perfect solution for this space. We found a great deal on Craigslist! Kyle modified the bed. I painted it, made a cover (from an Ikea duvet set) and now we have a new "couch" that doubles as a bed for guests and has great toy storage!

We added a rug for softness then we brought all the toys in!

This was our first time laying floor tile and while it took quite a bit of work it wasn't hard and we saved a ton of money doing it ourselves. We love the look!

We LOVE how it turned out!

Now we just need to get some artwork on the walls and we can call this one done!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Beautifying Belle

With 4 kids it's often difficult to spend one-on-one time with any child. About a year ago we started special nights with the older kids. Usually once a week after the littles have gone to bed we let a big kid stay up and have special time with mom or dad. 

Nora and I usually watch something girly. We've completed Project Runway Junior and now we watch YouTube kids cooking videos. It's fun...until she decides she wants to make one of their concoctions ;)

This is where her dream of a Belle cake began! Here's the link to the inspiration video: Kids Cooking and Crafts . And below is our own rendition complete with 3 batches of Rice Krispie treats stacked together then a hole cut out and Belle inserted.

After much skepticism it was a smashing success! It turned out way better than I had anticipated. Not only did it look good, but it also tasted delicious!

Monday, August 7, 2017

iPhone Unload {July 2017}

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Evy fell asleep in her daddy's arms, happy birthday to our favorite daddy, daddy's girl, little lady hitting the weights with Mommy, a cupcake for my cupcake, this is why I don't get much sewing done these days...someone is always on my lap, bath buddies, sisters in the kitchen together

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Kolter makes a cute bunny, sleeping Sawyer, game night, camping at the complex with Daddy, cute Evy, when did Sawyer get so big?, Evy loves to bear crawl, playing in the new sunroom, our very own Cinderella #alwayscleaning, a much needed date night that started with fried cheese curds and ended with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, hugs from Evy