Monday, October 16, 2017

Craft Lover

Nora has always been our out-of-the-box thinker. She can look at a piece of trash and see how it can be repurposed and made beautiful! Literally, everyday she will stop me from throwing something in the trash in the name of crafting. I want to cultivate and encourage her creativity!

For her birthday she received the perfect first sewing machine. It has no thread and it only sews felt but it's perfect for a beginner because you can work on patterning, cutting, pinning while still getting a finished product pretty quickly (which is great for young ones with little patience).

After completing some of the projects provided with the machine (pillow, purse, frame, etc.) she began creating her own designs.

Nora created both of these purses by herself. I was so impressed that she patterned, cut, pieced them together and then sewed them. The purse on the left even has 2 different pieces put together. She was so proud of her creations! Maybe now she can start working on her designs instead of always asking Mommy to make her creations ;)

Friday, October 13, 2017

iPhone Unload {September 2017}

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): peek-a-boo with a pot; our Evy apple; Nora made the house happy sticks (just like she has at school and if we get 7 she will give us gum ;); my baby being swung by my other baby; Evy insists on feeding herself; just being all cute playing in a drawer; sleeping in Mommy's arms...trying to cherish the little moments; hugs from Evy; Kolter being his cute self; "reading" the was actually Daddy's strategic thinking book; big carrying little; we're serious about game day at our house; Kolter riding on Mommy's neck?; just a regular trip to Target with Spiderman and cowboy boots on the wrong feet ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cowboy Kolter

My little cowboy out for a walk in the neighborhood.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Football Fun {September 2017}

This season I'm going to do monthly football updates. Here's a look into the beginning of the season. Spoiler's been pleasant surprise!

Before the first game we had to get outfitted in our SNU Storm gear.

My little lighting bolts ready for the game...Mommy tries to get in the picture and silliness ensues.

The first game the Storm took on Southeastern Oklahoma State. It was an ugly, terrible, no good game. The final score was 0-58. While the game was not good the weather was wonderful and the kids had fun playing with their friends. Evy got to experience her first game "on the grass."

Game #2 was in Ada, OK where the Storm took on East Central University. After a busy week I was on the fence about attending this away game, but I knew Kyle would appreciate the support. So, I loaded the kids in the car and headed to Ada. Again, it was a beautiful evening game. Evy experienced her first "bleacher game."

It was a back and forth game. With just over 4 minutes left in the game East Central took a 4 point lead. But the offense marched down the field and scored a touchdown with just 19 seconds remaining and the Storm won 33-30! Marking the first time SNU has been .500 (1-1) since joining NCAA Div. II and the first time they have beat East Central!

This is a clip of the teams reaction!

Our first family selfie of the season after the 1st win!

Game #3 was against Harding University in Arkansas. Needless to say we watched this night game in the comfort of our bed and pj's. The kids watched with me for about 15 minutes ;)

SNU was behind the whole game, but they kept it pretty close. Most, including myself, had given up on the game. With just under 2 minutes to play the Storm were down by 13. The offense drove down the field and scored a touchdown, recovered an onside kick, and scored another touchdown to win! It was the most nerve-wracking, exciting, unbelievable final minutes I've ever seen! The Storm won again and demonstrated their fighting, never quitting attitude!

Game #4 was at home, but I was out of town and unable to watch the game. It was probably a good one to miss as SNU was defeated at home by Arkansas Tech 0-52.

Game #5 was on the final day of September and the Storm took on Henderson State in another long away game (i.e. Arkansas). We didn't travel, but we did watch! The Storm took the early lead and led most of the game! It was the first win of the season that didn't almost give me a heart attack. Given the game statistics it wasn't a surprise to win, but based on history it was a shocking win. In years past Henderson would defeat SNU by 70 or more points, so to beat them handedly was a welcome surprise and you have to imagine their team was SHOCKED!

After the 1st month of football the SNU Storm are 3-2 and we couldn't be more excited about their progress and hard work! We can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Milestones {1st Lost Tooth}

The day after turning 6 this sweet girl lost her 1st tooth!

It had been loose for a while, but she put a stuffed animal in her mouth and a friend pulled on the animal and her tooth got super wiggly.

That evening, after much cajoling, she agreed to have Daddy pull her tooth!

She was super excited, but she was not having the tooth fairy ;)

We put it in her tooth pouch and put it under her pillow, but as she so often tells me "Mom, the tooth fairy is not real! It's just you!" So, while I didn't get to play up the tooth fairy (i.e. write her a fairy note) she did receive a little cash for her new milestone!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bye Bye Baby

As Evy hit the 1 year mark it seemed like she went from baby to toddler over night! Look how sweet and cuddly she looks sleeping in my arms...

But she went from my little baby to a toddler eating Cheerios on the floor and smashing a whole apple,

to playing at the kid kitchen and drinking out of a straw at restaurants,

 to playing with blocks!

Even when she does fall asleep on me I look down and see a giant kid!

When did she get so big? And why is she now always trying to crawl out of my arms? Always onto a new adventure! So thankful she is growing, curious and thriving! Just trying to hold on to those little baby moments!