Friday, June 30, 2017

2nd Semester {Kindergarten}

Sawyer thoroughly enjoyed his kindergarten experience. He never once complained about going to school. Academically he excelled, but we are most proud that his teachers reported he was very helpful and a leader in his class!

He received 2 Broncho brands during the 2nd semester. Once he was recognized for his writing/punctuation skills (1 person from each kindergarten class was chosen). He also received recognition from his teacher for being ready, responsible and respectful during announcements.

One of the fun activities the kindergarten got to experience during the spring was the 3rd grade land run. After watching the land run he got to eat lunch with his 3rd grade buddy.

Here's a look at some of his creations from second semester.

His letter "S" for the Q & U wedding

Trust me he wasn't about to touch that bunny

Mittens and Thundercats

I would be a Ninja snowman.
My mitten is so big a stegosaurus could fit in it.

We also discovered he has a knack for drawing. Sawyer has never been much of a coloring kid because he is constantly on the move, but he can draw pretty well if he focuses.

As evidenced by the above Statue of Liberty, Dr. Suess and elephant

The sight word rainbows were a big deal in kindergarten. After completing a rainbow you got to eat lunch with the teacher. Sawyer finished several rainbows...the teacher even told him he could stop sight words and the rainbows, but it was a great motivator for him so he just kept going ;)

If I had $100 I would buy $100 more...I think the banking side of the family is already rubbing off on him.
If I had magic seeds, I would grow a Nexo Shield and its name will be Nexo Power Rock Rifle and its is the best Nexo Power yet and it is my favorite to.

Beach day and Q&U wedding

Birthday with Bellows in January

Superhero Day for the 100th day of school

Making a bracelet and Mommy & Sawyer at his valentine party

Sight words master lunch with Mrs. Brink

Kindergarten Easter Hunt

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

You Don't Know You're Beautiful

Our nightly entertainment:


Monday, June 26, 2017

Just a Diggin'

in the dirt

in my underwear and boots!

Friday, June 23, 2017

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

2nd Semester {Pre-K}

Nora loved her first year of school! She went everyday for 1/2 a day. She loved school, her teachers and her classmates! I would say it was a smashing success!

During the 2nd semester she earned 2 Broncho Brands for being a caring friend and a very big helper!

She also learned a ton this year and has developed into a little reader. She completed all of her sight word lists and while they don't come super easy we did learn she is quite the hard worker. She practices diligently until she reaches her goal! She was so excited when she was given books to read and she was able to read them! We are so proud of how far she has come and all of her hard work!

PTO pictures with the bunny at Easter

If you've been reading here for a while you know Nora loves all things arts & crafts. Here's a peek at some of her Pre-K creations:

Sawyer actually made this, but it's a sweet note for Nora

This is Nora's glitterpaintasaurus, which is a great representation of her art as she is a master of mixed media ;) She used paint, markers, glitter, stickers (creatively used as adhesive for the pipe cleaners, pipe cleaners and modeling clay (for the face and hair).

 Nora with her Pre-K teachers Mrs. Carmack and Mrs. Rogers. If you can't tell she adores them!

Nora and her best friend from class, Canaan.