Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All Dolled Up

One day after dressing and accessorizing herself Nora came up to me and asked, "Am I all dolled up?"

I couldn't contain a few giggles. Where does she get this stuff?

But in all honesty she is "all dolled up." She loves to accessorize and much of it is her own creation like the pony bead necklace she has turned into a headband and daddy says it makes her look like a flower child. She has no idea what a flower child is, but she likes it because she loves flowers ;)

Here's how I found her the other day:

Mommy's peep-toe heals, necklace, bracelet and ring

 I love that the shoes are on the wrong feet

All ready for a night out on the town…or a day of playing inside ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

18 month comparison

The other day we were discussing if Sawyer looked like Kolter at 18 months. In many ways the brothers are very different (brown eyes and blue eyes, etc.), but in other ways they are very similar. So I thought it would be fun to look back at each child at 18 months.

What do you think? I think the boys definitely favor one another. Sawyer has darker and longer hair, but their body types and facial features are very similar. Nora seems to have her own look…I forgot how chunky her cheeks were ;)

Friday, October 16, 2015

iPhone Unload {September 2015}

 Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): 1st day of preschool fro-yo treat for Nora; Nora showing her true colors; this summer Kolter (and I) have managed to lose 2 Crocs. The 1st vanished into thin air in KS. We purchased another pair and somehow one disappeared into the black hole of the minivan. Thankfully he lost 1 from each foot, so he still has a full set! #thirdchild #howdoesthishappen #mismatchedshoes #itsalltherage; the scene of the crime…no one was spared…including her own hair. Rapunzel has the hair to handle it, but the other ladies will have to wait it out #theywillsurvive #schenksalon; a baby in boots; I turn my back for 1 minute #atleasttheywerewashed #wehaveaclimber; neighborhood entertainment in the form of a tree cutting

Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): Kolter was supposed to be taking a nap…this is how I found him; Sawyer exercising at football practice; Kolter and Mommy selfless at football practice; Kolter trying to keep up with the bigs; I captured this moment to remember one of the 1st times all three of them played at the park together (instead of ignoring Kolter ;); Nora practicing her hand writing in her robe (she's so fancy ;); my apple eater…he likes to climb on the counter and grab anything that is available then shove it in his mouth ;)

Pictures (L to R, top to bottom): Wild Kratt…I mean Schenk brothers…without pants ;); Kolter enjoyed the spoils of our Malone football watch party #heisalwaysonthecounter #helpyourself; Sawyer wearing ALL the costumes; girls night/baby sprinkle/birthday party all in one; Sawyer on a rare one-on-one date with mommy and daddy…of course he chose Chick-fil-a; Kolter loves his snuggly blanket; happy 18 months to Kolter #thirdchild #thatdimple; Nora loves to accessorize; Kyle was working on the computer and Kolter climbed onto the couch, positioned a pillow just like daddy and sat next to him (he is such an impersonator)…no one can deny they look alike!; best friend siblings at the park (they even asked me to take this picture ;); had to commemorate the 1st day of welly season this fall…love my red wellies; Nora posing for her high school volleyball picture ;)

Monday, October 12, 2015

FBG #5 & #6

Football game #5 was at home and it also happened to be homecoming weekend…which means there were extra fun things to do on campus.

 We got all ready for the game then went to campus. And we also had a fun surprise…seeing daddy on a game day! Can you tell they were excited?

 Then we spent several hours enjoying the inflatables, coloring, face painting, cookie decorating, bull riding and trampoline jumping.

 my little lefty and her 1st bull riding experience

The lines were quite short so they both enjoyed jumping several times

Kolter even sat on the bull
Sawyer thought the bull was moving too slow so the attendant kicked it up a notch…Sawyer immediately flew off ;)
After all the activities wore them out it was time to head to the football game. All around it was a yucky game…it was raining (thankfully we were able to sit in the press box), Kolter had no nap, and the actual game did not go too well. Malone lost 41-17 against Ashland.

My 3 kiddos in the press box…can you tell which one is obsessed with football? 

He was also a little obsessed with this ;)

Game 6 was another game far away. Kyle left on Thursday morning…which makes for an extra long weekend. The game wasn't much to talk about. The final score was Malone 9 Northern Michigan 37. The kids and I spent the weekend playing with lots of friends. We also did a little cleaning because we have someone special arriving soon!