Monday, January 20, 2014


Before becoming a parent I could imagine having a baby and even a toddler, but I never envisioned having a 4 year old! It just seems so old…almost school aged! It's crazy and I know when baby #3 arrives he will seem like a giant.

While Sawyer seems big he still fits his womb name, LG…Little Guy. He weighs 31.4 pounds (10%) and is 38.25 inches tall (11%).

He may be small but as he will tell you he is mighty with his "super duper muscles"

Your most oft used phrase is "I love you, insert name." It's always melts mommy's heart. You say it so often that sometimes I think it is your placeholder phrase. Like during an uncomfortable silence or when you get nervous instead of saying "um" or something like that you go to "I love you." Whether it's because you feel the need to constantly profess your love to your parents or to fill silence I'll take it either way!

You love preschool.

You are a very protective big brother. If Nora is with you in a new situation you will always make sure she is included.

You're not always full of smiles and love...especially during meal times. If you could live on PB and J's you would. You also LOVE cheese roll-ups or cheese quesdillas. Put any other food in front of you and it's probably going to be a battle. At least 1 meal a day involves tears and bribing to get you to eat. Typically once you try it you like it. And sometimes you will surprise us like during your birthday dinner after the meal and cupcakes you ran back into the kitchen and started eating spinach. You munched on that the rest of the night.

You can be quite OCD at times. If something is typically done a certain way it really throws you for a loop if it is done in a different way (i.e. having a wet cup or wet sleeves, even driving a different route to a familiar place)

Your current favorite characters are Spiderman, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Woody. Every now and then I will catch you watching Sesame Street. While Elmo and Big Bird may not be your favorites anymore they still hold a special place in your heart.

You love technology and are quite adept at figuring things out. Put any kind of electronic game in front of you and you will figure out the game quite quickly.

You love to play board/card games. You are always up for playing any kind of game. And you are getting to the point where all play must be turned into a game. For example, you can no longer just run around you have to play tag. Even eating has become a race to you.

When I ask who your best friend is you always say "Nora."

Your energy is limitless. I have yet to see you stop playing because of fatigue. You could literally run around in circles for hours.

You are at your happiest when you have room to run and explore.

You have phased out of napping :( but do have a rest time for approximately 2 hours. If you do take a nap the earliest you will go to bed is 10 pm.

You wear size 3T and 4T pants and shirts. Most of the 3T shirts are getting too short. You typically wear a 4T pant, but I don't think you have ever truly grown out of any pants evidenced by the fact that last week you wore size 18 month shorts to gymnastics. And you wear a size 11 shoe. Your underwear are still size 2...what can I say you have a very small bum :)

You LOVE to run, jump and kick. We got you a soccer ball for your birthday and you LOVE to play and are even taking instruction from Daddy well.

You learn best by listening. You can repeat whole monologues from movies. You remember song lyrics easily. You always remember the Bible story from Sunday school when we ask you to recall it. It may not seem like you're always listening but I'm always surprised by how much you pick up.

After Christmas I decided it was time for a toy purge and I thought it was be a good idea to include you and Nora for the 1st time. I explained how less fortunate kids did not have many toys. Then I explained that we were going to go through the toy box and give away the toys you no longer play with. As we went through each toy you wanted to give them all away even your new Christmas presents. I explained that you didn't have to give the toys you play with and you wouldn't be able to play with the toys anymore once we gave them to the other children. But you were still determined to give much of it away. Your sister on the other hand was the exact opposite :) I hope you always have such a giving spirit!

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