Monday, May 30, 2016

20 Weeks {#4}

I feel so behind lately…I thought I better post this before I hit the next month…almost 24 weeks!

How far along: 20 weeks
Total weight gain: 10 lbs.
Maternity clothes: yes, pretty much all the time for pants
Sleep: I'm out like a light the minute my head hits the pillow
Best moment this week: the whole family getting to see the baby
Movement: yes, several times throughout the day, but most active at night
Food cravings: sugar ;)
What I'm missing: Kolter being able to sit on my without pain (i.e. his elbows are always jabbing the babe)
What I'm looking forward to: summer and swimming

At 19 weeks we had the big anatomy ultrasound. It was so fun for the kids to come and see the baby for the 1st time. Nora's response: "it's soooooo cute!" Sawyer's response: "It looks like a pterodactyl." These responses perfectly sum up their personalities...dramatic and totally logical.

We didn't find out the gender because we want it to be a surprise. The ultrasound tech turned off the monitor when she was examining below the belt. She said she knew but she didn't let anything slip. The baby was very active during the ultrasound and the heart beat was 156 bpm.

At 20 weeks I had a doctors appointment and the baby's heartbeat was 152 bpm. My doctor let us know that the ultrasound results looked great! We are so thankful for another healthy babe!

Friday, May 27, 2016


I realize this birthday post is almost 6 months late, but during his birthday we were preparing for a cross country move then once we arrive in OK we had to wait several months to be seen by the pediatrician for his well child visit, so alas it's coming at you now…better late than never ;)

Height: 43.6 inches (11%)
Weight: 38 lbs. 5 oz. (5%)
He is still our little guy, but he is truly growing! He seems so tall to me!

He is in Pre-K this year.

He LOVES worship music (really any kind of music) and will sing it at the top of his lungs.

He loves learning of all kinds…animals, reading lessons, science…he eats it all up

He still loves electronics. Any button he can push or screen he can swipe.

He continues to LOVE Legos. He will typically build a set once or twice and then he wants to use his imagination to make something different.

He loves superheros of any kind. He recently asked for a superhero theme in his new room.

When he talks about his Lego instructions he always can them constructions (I love that…it's still so little boy).

He excels in school.

He does not like getting dirty.

He is very silly.

He enjoys having a rest time each day (i.e. time alone).

Every morning he has scrambled eggs for breakfast and PB&J for lunch…can you tell he thrives on routine?

He is a picky eater, but typically once he tries it he likes it.

Nora is his best friend and his safety person. 

He loves to run and play soccer.

He still sleeps with Elmo at night.

He does not like to pick-up or clean.

He loves his whole family and expresses it all the time!

Oh boy, this next year is going to be filled with changes (new home, new school, new baby, etc.) and we can't wait to see how you grow and develop. We love our Soy Boy!
Below is our annual birthday interview, so you can hear about some of his favorites from his own mouth! I apologize for the crying 2 year old in the background ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

KoKo & CalCal

These 2 are best buds! Kolter's 1st friend (outside of his family). They are weeks apart and have so many developmental similarities. They have different personalities, but the way they interact with the world, talk and play are eerily similar.

When we drive by his house Kolter always yells "Play at Cal Cal house!!!" It's so fun to have a new friend!

Friday, May 20, 2016

House Progress with Little Helpers

We moved in to the new house at the end of April and it was still very much under construction. Here's a peek at some of the progress plus some glimpses of how the kids have been "helping" with the remodel ;)

Quality control for the carpet installer

Enjoying the new carpet in their rooms

The weekend before we moved in my Dad came down and helped Kyle install the kitchen cabinets.

When you're renovating a house sometimes you have to go to extreme measures, so we brought the Lego's over so Daddy and Mommy could get some work done while the kids entertained themselves.

Kolter sanding down some walls...he has DIY in his blood

Soon after purchasing the house we learned the city would be building a sidewalk in our neighborhood. Hooray!!! The sidewalk just happens to be on our side of the street. Hooray!!! It also includes new driveway approaches for everyone. So that's been the big excitement since we moved in. We've spent lots of hours watching the construction workers break up the concrete, level the ground, pour cement, etc.
Gotta love the free entertainment

Our yard is in poor shape, so one nice day I started tearing out the very overgrown flower beds and the kids had to get in on the action.

Finally, time for our own driveway reconstruction. It was a little loud for the boys ;)

When we moved in we didn't have a functioning kitchen. About a week later our countertops were installed and then Kyle was finally able to install the faucet and dishwasher. Lets just say I was never more happy to do the dishes ;)

We still have lots of house projects in progress, but we're getting there...having a functioning kitchen really helped!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Biker Boy

with his very own style

He insists on wearing the helmet even though he goes along at a snails pace. Safety first!

Pajamas for riding are the next big thing!

He loves having a bike like the big kids and would ride all day if he could.

Friday, May 13, 2016

iPhone Unload {April 2016}

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): building their own butterfly houses at Home Depot (sidenote: I took all 3 kids by myself...not the best idea when 3 kids are wielding a hammer...especially one crazy 2 year old ;); boy loving that usually turns into wrestling even at restaurants; Kolter kisses for Daddy; Nora thinking those boys are crazy

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): brothers bonding over tree climbing strategies; Kolter loving his 1st fun dip experience; Sawyer and Jael showing off their fun dip tongues at spring football practice; Nora and Koko snuggle time; my baby...for now; Sawyer just relaxin'; Sawyer and Mommy snuggle time before bed; Kolter owning Daddy

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): when you think you own the football complex you literally get out EVERYTHING to make an obstacle course (who is watching these kids?); Kolter posing for a selfie; Sawyer and Nora excited about the new carpet in their rooms; toast with gooseberry jam, chocolate spread and sprinkles on the lunch menu for the Wild Kratts fans in the house #nutritiouslunch #funmom; Kolter just acting like a big boy and watching a show in Mommy's bed

Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): a rare selfie because I needed to see what I looked like and we didn't have mirrors at the rental house ;); Sawyer's pirate day at school; the first Lego building session in our new home...and we hadn't even moved in yet; move in day and hopefully the last time I see a U-Haul in the drive for a long while; our 1st night in the new house and Nora HAD to make up her bed and of course she slept in a skirt and a stocking cap; Nora excited to sleep in her new bed in her new house; Sawyer and Nora's hot air balloon made from straws