Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Ornaments 2013 {A tradition}

The obsession began in January 2013 when Sawyer received the Toy Story DVD and Buzz Lightyear action figure as a birthday gift. In the spring he received a big Buzz Lightyear. In the summer we scoured garage sales for Woody and Jessie and lo and behold we found them. Even as Woody's head fell off and Jessie's voice stopped working both kids play with them daily. Nora carries them around everywhere and they can often be found taking naps, getting a walk in the stroller or eating one of Nora's kitchen creations.

Since this was the year of Toy Story in our house I thought it was only appropriate to make a Toy Story inspired ornament for each child this year. Sawyer received a Woody hat and Nora received a Jessie hat.

After figuring out the template they were pretty easy to make. I used the Woody and Jessie hat from the dolls as a guide for sizing. Then I drew the shape of the hat and a smaller round circle (for the top) on cardboard and cut them out. There are only 3 pieces: the hat rim, top of the hat and the middle of the hat that makes it stand up. Because of the small scale I hand sewed the pieces. First I sewed the rim to the middle section then I sewed the top to the middle. To finish the project I embellished each hat around the rim. I also cut a small circle of fabric and using a fabric marker wrote their name and year to place inside the top of the hat.

Then I let the kiddos hang them up.

This project should I put it…very homemade (i.e. not perfect) but the kids knew exactly what they were and that's all that matters. They were so excited to hang their new ornaments and that's really what it's all about!

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