Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Day of Celebration

Since Daddy was out-of-town for Sawyer's actual birthday we decided to celebrate the weekend before (he didn't even know the difference). The day began with chocolate chip pancakes which is always a crowd favorite!

We originally planned to have a small sledding party. Sawyer adores sledding and I loved the idea of having a party away from the house :) However, when the day arrived it was rainy and all the snow was gone. So we changed plans and let Sawyer invite 1 friend to the new trampoline arena. We had never been, but we knew if it involved jumping Sawyer would LOVE it. And as you will see from the plethora of pictures below it was a total success. Sawyer was in his element and Nora (who we weren't sure would even be able to participate) also loved it. And sorry in advance for the super blurry pictures it was pretty much impossible to get a clear picture even with my DSLR.

running from trampoline to trampoline


playing dodgeball

jumping into the air pad

this was probably his favorite activity even though I think he made everyone in the building nervous because he was so small, but he LOVED it
Nora taking a snack break
this boy doesn't know the meaning of taking a break, more running

Nora in action

she caught on pretty quickly

jumping into the trampoline wall

bouncing off said wall :)
They jumped for an hour which was the perfect amount of time. As the hour came to an end Nora was getting tired and the boys were getting hungry. Plus the facility was starting to fill up with much bigger kids so it was time for us to head out.

Nora trampoline from Kristen Schenk on Vimeo.
The party crowd

Sawyer Trampoline from Kristen Schenk on Vimeo.

After leaving the trampoline arena we headed to Chick-fil-a for Sawyer's lunch of choice. We ended it with Spiderman cupcakes (Sawyer's 1 birthday request) of course. Sawyer doesn't like frosting so that is why the cupcakes look a little plain :)

And my other child only likes the frosting…as it you couldn't tell. She will lick ever last bit of frosting, but leave the cake

After lunch and a little playing we said good-bye to our friend Jake. Even though it was a very small party I couldn't resist a little party favor. Taking Sawyer's cue Spiderman was the "theme" of the day. I purchased Spiderman notebooks and Spiderman crayons at the Dollar Tree and stuck them in a bag for each of the kids. Sawyer and Nora played with that for several hours the next day.

After returning home and taking a nap it was time to prepare for a family dinner with Uncle Cliff and Aunt Jess. Sawyer requested tacos and of course Spiderman cupcakes. He was very excited that his party was continuing through the evening :)

Sawyer's other major request was party hats, so of course I had to oblige. He was quite happy and made everyone join in.

Our little family in our party hats

getting embarrassed during the Happy Birthday song

Blowing out his candles
And to round out the evening Sawyer opened his gifts. He was so excited about each one. I love this age! He is so enamored with his new toys! He got several things to use during his rest time (since he refuses to take a nap most days) including Legos and a LeapReader pen. We also got him a soccer ball and he has been practicing every day.

The parents were exhausted by the end of the day, but it was all worth it because Sawyer loved every minute of his little celebration. It was nice to have a small celebration and to spend our time really celebrating this amazing boy. We are so blessed that God entrusted us with him 4 years ago!

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