Friday, January 13, 2017


Today our biggest little one turns 7! He is literally growing and maturing before our eyes! A few facts about our big boy:

He is in kindergarten. He loves school! His favorite subjects are science and p.e.

His reading skills are growing by leaps and bounds. He is reading at a 2nd grade level.

He enjoys learning about animals.

He still adores Lego's! He will spend hours every day (if he can) building. When he receives new sets he builds them per the directions. After building it a few times the pieces get scattered and he resumes building based on his imagination.

He wants to be a ninja when he grows up.

He has lost 2 teeth.

He enjoys playing soccer.

He is participating in basketball for the 1st time.

He is slowly, but surely making friends at school.

He loves to sing, especially worship songs.

He made a profession of faith this year (during a Sunday school class) and we feel he is really starting to grasp some of the Bible lessons. He asks great questions and has really learned how to pray/talk to God.

He loves routine. For example, he eats the same lunch everyday (PB&J, carrots and a fruit).

He is skinny as a rail. He also remains on the shorter side.

He is fast (always has been ;)

He loves to do anything physical (run, bike, scooter, wrestle, soccer, gymnastics, etc).

He can do a front flip...he surprised us all one day when he did one in the living room.

He plays really well with his siblings (unless they take something that belongs to him ;) and he is very protective of them in social situations. While he can't play with Evy he loves to sing to her.

Check out his yearly interview to find out more of Sawyer's favorites:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas in Kansas {Part 1}

After spending a few days on the farm we transferred all of our belongings to the house in town and anxiously awaited the rest of the family members arrival!

Due to scheduling we switched things up a bit and celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve. The night before the kids all opened one gift.

So excited to all be together and open one gift!

all the boy cousins in matching pj's

all the grandkids with Mama #reallife

Then on Christmas Eve morning we read the Christmas story and opened gifts.

After all the present opening the cousins played and played and played!

Evy hanging out with Papa
my little foodie

Evy got to meet cousin Odyn. They were really checking each other out! They are 1 week apart.

waiting patiently for the gifts
the grandparents with the grandkids
After a fun day of hanging out with family we went to Christmas Eve service at church.

Evy slept through most of it. The bigger kids did really well sitting in the service. There was a time for children to go to the front and listen to a story. Surprisingly, Sawyer was very vocal and interested in the story. Kolter was a little wiggly and he kept standing up, waving and saying "hi mom!" He may be our little ham ;)

The girls were all in matching skirts! How cute are the Schenk girls?

the K. Schenk 4

After the service we went to the back of the church for Lambert Christmas. It was fun to see family we don't see very often. Evy got to meet cousin Ezra.

Evy and Aunt Candace
these boys...can you imagine when they were younger?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Farm Fun

To begin our Christmas vacation we headed to the farm in KS. We love relaxing, exploring and helping at the farm!

The old marble run...why do they even need new toys?

We spent some time baking cookies with Mama and Breckyn!

And of course we had to do some exploring on the farm!

There were several tractor rides and time to feed the cows

I also used the time to practice my manual photography skills and I love this one!

It was nice to have a little down time, but we couldn't wait to everyone to arrive!