Monday, December 10, 2012


Our computer bit the dust this weekend. We've been doing lots of fun Christmas activities but those updates will have to wait.

Any suggestions for a reliable computer used for small business work, pictures, and Internet browsing? We are very open to suggestions as we are in an extremely busy season and don't have time to do our due diligence in computer research. We are currently MAC owners but I'm not opposed to a Windows based computer.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Everyday Cute

I am often guilty of only taking the kids pictures when we are doing a fun activity or they are dressed nicely for an event. Of course they look cute all fancied up, but I honestly think they are the most adorable when they are just being themselves in their everyday environment. But I hardly ever document that. Well the other day Nora and I were outside and I was taking pictures of some Etsy products when I looked over and she had plopped herself down in the grass and I was struck by her cuteness so I turned the camera on her. Could she be any cuter?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A new tradition

A new tradition has been formed in the Schenk household...Christmas tree decorating in our pajamas followed by a round of hot chocolate. In our 7 years of marriage we have never had a Christmas tree! It's a long story but if you want to know why ask Kyle. However, as our children have grown and I have politely asked over and over Kyle began to warm up to the idea. Then when we found out his grandmother's tree was available he gave in. So when we returned home from Thanksgiving travels setting up the tree was a top priority.

So as not to diminish the true meaning of Christmas we talked about Jesus' birthday (aka: Happy Party) and set up the nativity.

Sawyer hanging his 1st ornament, a VeggieTales ornament

Nora hanging one of my childhood favorite ornaments

Nora caught on really quickly. She would pick out an ornament and take it to the tree, Kyle would put it on and she would get really excited. Super cute!

And the final product
I still need to make a tree skirt, but for now a snowflake blanket does the job.

Me and my helpers

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Colorado Thanksgiving {cousin love}

While in CO we had the pleasure of meeting our newest family member, Josiah! And the cousins had lots of fun quality time!

cooking up some plan under the table
Nora and Josiah bonding, she was incessant about making sure he had his toy

Noah and Sawyer helping Tache make pumpkin pie

stirring and pouring

Noah giving Nora a ride

Sawyer, Josiah, Noah and Nora

Cuz hugs!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Decor

Linking up with Kelly's Korner Christmas Home Tour  today. Welcome into my home!

This year I did a simple mantel display for Christmas. This is the opposite of my normal approach. Typically for Christmas I do a more elaborate display then the mantel for the rest of the year is pretty subdued. But this summer and fall the mantel was very full and colorful so I decided I wanted to do something more simple for Christmas. I love the result!

Berry wreath (repurposed from our wedding 7 years ago :) placed over the chalkboard.

Pluse pine garland flanked by a pair of candlesticks at either end of the mantel. Then I finished the look by adding our 4 coordinating stockings.

mini ornament display in the bay window
I love non-traditional Christmas colors (blue and white, lime green, monochromatic whites, neons, etc), but every Christmas I when I am deciding on our holiday decor I just have to go the traditional route. I'm not the biggest fan of decorating in dark colors but for 1 month a year I LOVE it! Just call me old-fashioned.

my DIY yarn ball wreath
and a sneak peek at our very 1st Christmas tree!