Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sawyer (and Nora) Sayings

After Nora threw a fit about eating her supper Sawyer calmly chimes in:
Nora you have 2 choices: eat or get a spank
After a little more coaxing from Sawyer Nora began eating.
Sawyer climbs off his chair and comes and gives me a hug saying:
Thanks for helping Mommy! I am proud of you as he tossles my hair

It's so funny the things he picks up on and imitates...

Daddy and Sawyer while searching for Mommy and Nora in a store.
Daddy: Where's mommy? Maybe we should call her.
Sawyer: No, don't call her. I will roar like a lion and mommy will hear me!

After eating a full meal, which typically only happens if he is dining on a PB and J:
My tummy is full! Look my belly is getting bigger. It has almost caught up to your belly!

Another meal time favorite:
My doggy is full (aka his belly)
Sawyer thinks since mommy has a baby in her belly that girls have babies and boys have doggies in their tummy. He has even named his doggy French Fry.

At the dinner table discussing his Sunday school lesson, about Jesus' miracle of changing water into wine.
Me: What did Jesus change water into?
Sawyer: Plastic?
Me: What?
Sawyer:  He poured water into plastic and it turned red.
They did an experiment in class in which they poured water into a pitcher w/ kool-aid powder and the water instantly turned red. This symbolized the water turning into wine. He took things very literally! Obviously he missed that symbolism.


While riding in the van.
Nora: I'm not a murderer!
Me: What!?
Nora: I'm not a murderer!
Me: Good to know
Nora: that's what Simba says
Maybe she has seen the Lion King a few too many times

While talking to the nurse at a doctor office.
Nurse: Are you silly?
Nora: No, I'm weird!

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