Monday, January 6, 2014

An Unexpected Christmas Trip

We made an unexpected trip over Christmas break to visit (more)Papa and Tache. Tache had an unexpected hospital trip, so after opening gifts on Christmas morning we jumped in the car and headed to Kansas. We arrived late evening and went straight to the hospital. Tache opened her gifts then we took Papa out to dinner (at the only restaurant in town that was open :)

It was a long day of travel and Nora wasn't acting herself, but we assumed she was just tired from all the travel. Unfortunately, that was not the case as she threw up all night long :( However, by the next morning she was ready to play and of course open some more gifts.

Her favorite gift of the day was her Doc McStuffins bag. Both kids LOVE this toy and you can often find one of them giving someone or something a check-up. In this picture, Daddy is getting his check-up.

And Sawyer had 2 gifts he loved a Jake and the Neverland Pirates sword and an awesome remote control car that lights up and does flips. He figured it out very quickly and drove the car around all day!

And the kids in their new Christmas pajama's. They may not have gotten them on Christmas Eve, but they were still excited for their new warmies.

Nora even did a little dance because she was so excited :)

In these pictures Nora asked me to take her picture :) Above and below are the poses that ensued.
I didn't get many pictures of our time in KS. I spent much of my time at the hospital with Papa. But the kids had lots of fun seeing. Papa and MeMa came for a visit and lunch. And the kids went to Grandpa and Grandma's house twice and even got to go sledding.

Here we are at the hospital saying good-bye before we headed back to Colorado. Thankfully, Tache got out of the hospital the day we left and is now recovering at home!

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