Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kids Krafts {Baby #3}

Since opening an Etsy store I find myself needing a creative revitalization every January. The holiday season can get a little crazy and just to be honest monotonous. By January I really need to release some creative juices, so I take a little bit of me time to make a few new projects.

I also thought it was high time baby #3 got a little attention. When Sawyer was a newborn and had jaundice he had to wear gowns to accommodate his bili blanket. They were so convenient and comfy, but not so cute.

When Nora came along I knew I wanted a few cute gowns so I made a few using girly, soft fabric on the bottom and a repurposed onesie on top. Here's a picture to refresh your memory (how cute and tiny…can't believe there will soon be another one that small)

This time around I knew I wanted a more masculine gown. When I saw this Rockin' Baby Gown on Pinterest from This Mama Makes Stuff I knew it was the perfect solution.

The first gown took awhile as I had to put together the pattern and get a feel for the tutorial. But once I made the 1st one (it probably took 3 hours) the other 2 were simple and were completed within an hour. Here's my interpretation of the repurposed t-shirt baby gown.

Baby Gowns made from re-purposed t-shirts

I purchased all 3 shirts at Goodwill, but this would be a terrific project to use old shirts from your favorite sports team or your alma mater (must indoctrinate them early). But one bit of advice if you want your gown entirely made from one shirt it needs to be at least a Men's Large.

This one is actually made from a polo, but it wasn't big enough so the sleeves are from a different t-shirt. I actually kind of like the contrast of the solid sleeves with the striped gown.

 This one is my favorite and he will probably be wearing it home from the hospital :) In this picture you can see the cuff on the sleeve. I love this added detail as my newborns are always scratching their faces.

This was my 1st practice gown. Sawyer was super excited that baby brother has a shirt that matches his t-shirt cape :) Plus every boy needs a super hero shirt.

And here's a sneak peek at my current and probably final craft for baby #3. More details to come when I'm finished...

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