Wednesday, April 30, 2014

By the weeks {Week 1-4}

1 week
6 lb 5 oz.
Good eater and sleeper
Also a master at peeing and pooping (his very 1st diaper change he peed on the nurse)
Lots of papa and nana snuggling time
Newborn pictures
Here are some pictures from his 1st week:

This was after his 1st bath, he couldn't be submerged yet, so he wasn't very happy with the chill.

2 weeks
Umbilical cord fell off
Sleeping 4 hour stretches at night
1st walk
1st church service (he slept through the entire event)
Clogged tear duct
A little slow at gaining weight
6 lb. 8 oz. (back to birth weight)
19.5 inches long

Kolter on one of our many walks

He likes his pacifier
He does not like being cold :)

3 weeks
1st Easter
1st nickname: Squeaks
Started having a fussy time at night
Lots of Mema snuggle time
Weight 7 lb. 1 oz.

He looks like a doll to me in this picture
So little in his 1st pair of jeans

Week 4
According to mommy measurements 21 inches and 7 lbs. 5 oz.
1st smile
Out of most newborn clothes
Loves to look at light and bright colors
Likes to look out the window
Eyes have turned from dark blue to dark gray
Lots of dry skin

In his Easter outfit

contentedly gazing out the window

Monday, April 28, 2014

Resurrection Day {Easter 2014}

We had a wonderfully relaxing and fun-filled Easter. We started the day with a praise filled church service then we all took naps and we ended the day with a wonderful dinner and fun fellowship with dear friends.

It was a day filled with thanksgiving for our many blessings and the ultimate blessing: Christ's sacrifice and resurrection!

The Easter baskets. I know Kolter can't read yet, but someday he may look at this blog and I need to apologize for his lack of a basket (I promise you will have one next year). I did manage to gather a few things for him, but he is already feeling the effects of being the third child :)

Sawyer with his new hammer and Nora with the tutu I made her (she had been asking for one for months)

I don't know why this is so blurry, but it's the only picture I got of Kolter :(

My 3 loves ready for Easter service in their coordinating outfits.

A quick family shot before church

Sawyer singing with the children's choir at church

The boys

The girls

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Week with Help {Take 2}

Mema came to meet Kolter and to help us survive :) She was a wonderful help cooking, cleaning, taking care of the big kids and of course cuddling Kolter.

Mema brought an egg dying kit and the kids had fun making colored creations.

Sawyer loved his eggs so much he gave them a hug
 Mema also made cookies with the kids. The kids had fun and we all enjoyed the deliciousness.

 Of course there was lots of time spent cuddling Kolter. He really likes to be held and talked too, so Grandma obliged.

We also had an Easter egg hunt.
Sawyer loved his Spiderman hat from his basket

 Checking out what was in the eggs.

Everyone was so happy Grandma was here!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Football

I'm playing catch-up a bit so our Easter photos will be posted soon, but I wanted to catch up first.

In the midst of Kolter being born it was also spring football season. Kyle actually missed 2 practices when Kolter was born, which has NEVER happened! And when Kolter was 2 weeks old he had his 1st football experience at the annual spring game (i.e. scrimmage).

And this was our 1st outing with just me and the 3 kids. We successfully made it on time (even though we started loading up way earlier than normal :)

Sawyer and Nora played well with their friends. Kolter slept in his car seat for 3/4 of the game. The final part he awoke and was hungry so we had a nursing session in the stands.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Meeting the Family

Kolter's had several visitors in his 1st few weeks of life. And we've had fun introducing him to the family.

Nana and Kolter at the hospital

Nana, Papa and Kolter at the hospital

Aunt Jess and Uncle Cliff meeting the little guy

Mema getting to know Kolter