Friday, May 1, 2015

Keep on Swimming...

Throughout the month of April Sawyer and Nora have been attending swimming lessons twice a week. 

Before the first lesson Sawyer was excited, but Nora was a little nervous (this was her very 1st swim lesson). Nora would look at the water and then say "I'm not so sure about this." The picture below is Sawyer giving her a pep talk.

However, once they were introduced to their instructors and got in the pool the tables turned.

Nora listens well and does everything her teachers ask. She adores her teachers and is constantly giving them hugs. She blows bubbles, kicks her feet, puts her head under and tentatively jumps in. She is a model student and she loves it.

Sawyer has had lots of trouble with swim lessons in the past he used to run away from the instructors and the life guards. Usually he runs because he is too cold, but this year he told me he would not run and he would listen. Thankfully he never ran this session, but getting overly chilled was a factor at first. He doesn't like to get in because he knows the shivering will begin. This year he has moved to the  next level, but there were so many kids in his class he and 2 other boys were selected to start their own class. This was a big blessing because he wasn't quite ready for the next class and now he gets more one-on-one attention and more reps so he grew by leaps and bounds. He is also able to stay in the water (instead of sitting on the side freezing) more, which helps his body temperature. He can now swim with the noodle independently, jump off the side and the big hurdle…put his head under water. One lesson he put his head under water 10 times! This is huge for him!

all wrapped up after his lesson, trying to stay warm

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