Friday, May 15, 2015

CO w/ the Kids {Part 2}

To continue our CO fun...

We visited Focus on the Family, which is always a great place for the kids

And we enjoyed snuggle time with the little man

We also endured a very strange weather event..we left my sister's house to a gray sky and dry ground. We were driving back to my parents house 3 miles away, about 1/2 way there it started sprinkling, then a few bits of hail. Then it started hailing A LOT. The kids were screaming, but the hail was so loud I couldn't hear them. I even got stuck at an intersection (along with several other cars) because the hail was so deep. The picture shows the hail after we pulled into my parent's house. In the end it hailed 9 inches in a matter of 10 minutes. Strangest thing ever!

Staying out of the rain we had lots of Papa play time

and snuggle time

On our final day we all went swimming…all the cousins

these 3 ready for the water
love the arm around their necks!

Kolter being swallowed by a life jacket ;)

playing around

When did this boy get so big?
and I survived another 3 hour flight with 3 kids…it went smoothly with lots of snacks, an iPad and a few walks

The best part of the day was a surprise pick-up from Daddy (who was supposed to be out of town)!

We were all very excited to see his face!

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