Friday, May 22, 2015

5 on Friday

Just a little recap of a few things going on around our casa:

1) A new-to-us play set that will hopefully provide hours of entertainment

While we were in CO Daddy was busy building a play set for the kiddos.

And they sure are enjoying the fruits of his labor!

this kid has to do everything his older siblings do!
2) We have been enjoying the wonderful weather with lots of walks, bike rides, swing time and outdoor picnics. During the long winter months I always forget how glorious it is to eat a picnic at home. I love having the kids eat outside because the clean up is so easy!

our 1st picnic of the year

Kolter even got to enjoy the picnic…he thought he was so big…mommy liked it because he was stuck in the chair and couldn't move

 3) The last football team activity before school was out was a hamburger cook-off. The coaches wives had the honorable distinction of judging the event. Oh boy, that was an experience! One I probably don't want to repeat ;) There were some really good burgers and some really bad burgers (donut buns, meat dripping in soy sauce, meat filled with unidentifiable ingredients). It was a fun event, but boy was I full when it was all said and done.

 Nora loves a good hang-a-burger (her pronunciation)

4) After much discussion and prayer we made Sawyer's school decision for next year. We visited 3 schools and in the end I was comfortable with all the school options. The decision simply came down to Sawyer and his emotional maturity. We didn't feel comfortable sending him all day (public school) and he didn't get into the charter school (lottery), so we chose to send him to the private school where he attends preschool. We are very happy and content with the decision. It's a big financial commitment, but he loves it and it allows us to decide at a later time if this will be a kindergarten or pre-k year. We all believe another year of maturity will only help Sawyer in the long run!

Sawyer got to visit his new room and he can't wait for all the Lego's
 5) Making natural deodorant

I believe I've mentioned I am using natural deodorant and I've started making my own. Some of my friends were curious about natural deodorant, so I made some for them to try.

I thought they turned out quite cute ;)

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