Monday, May 4, 2015

13 months

My baby boy, Kolter, turned 1 a month ago and somehow, seemingly overnight, he turned into a toddler!

He is still a little guy (though I have no official measurements)

His hair is filling in, but it's hard to tell because it's so blonde.

No change in teeth this month…he still has 7 (4 top and 3 bottom)

He sleeps often: morning nap 1 hour, afternoon nap 3 hours, and nighttime 11 hours (8 pm - 7 am)

He wears size:

  • 12 month clothing
  • 3 diaper
  • 4 shoe

Kolter loves:

  • laughing
  • smiling for everyone
  • swinging
  • playing with Sawyer (tag, wrestling, keep away)
  • throwing anything and everything
  • balls of all shapes and sizes
  • carrying around large objects (arrows, big sticks, full size basketballs, wrapping paper tubes, etc)

Some of the new skills he developed include:

  • going down the stairs
  • following simple commands (i.e. give…to Sawyer, go get your pacifier, etc.)
  • walking in the grass
  • kicking a soccer ball
  • saying Mama
  • climbing objects
  • going down the slide

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