Monday, May 11, 2015

iPhone Dump {March}

Enjoying some tub time alone #thatneverhappens #3rdchild #toobigtoofast; Kolter and his rolls in the bath; date night with my original blue-eyed, dimple faced boy #sothankful #blessed; Kolter is almost ! Crushing on his invites today! #lovepartyplanning #feathers #cowboysandindians; after nap time the sun was shining and we needed to get out of the house. I had an idyllic image in my mind of our inaugural 2015 walk and Kolter's 1st ever walk outside on his own 2 legs…after 15 minutes of walking through sidewalk creeks, jumping in puddles, traversing ice patches, multiple bike accidents, several falls and a few tears we were all cold, soaked and ready to get home #cantwinthemall #keepinitreal #wewilltryagaintomorrow

Kolter sleeping sweetly; Nora or Princess Anna?; selfie after Nora's gymnastics; Kolter practicing his football skills; the many faces of Nora; Nora loves to color; my sweet Nora's features; literally licking their bowls and fingers clean; Sawyer my little mechanic

Kolter the clown 

Celebrating Liz's 40th birthday; Kolter and his rosy cheeks; brotherly love; kids crafting


Kolter loves our bay window. He could stand for hours talking to everyone that walks by. The sun is shining now let me out! #snowontheground #shineon

 Kolter being silly; repurposed sweater turned pillow for a friend; my boys building a tee-pee; Sawer and Kolter showing off their identical cheeks and chin; Sawyer and Nora testing out the big mowers

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