Wednesday, May 27, 2015

iPhone Dump {April}

Sawyer blowing bubbles; a little spring cleaning…not to gross you out but that was my rag and hands after cleaning our couch…ewww; Daddy and Sawyer hug; I don't know if others do this but sometimes I take a pic to make sure my hair looks ok…when I actually do my hair; my 3 boys; our living room ready to host Easter; family silly selfie on Good Friday; family selfie on Good Friday; family selfie on Easter (at least our attempt); Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia #happyeaster #partyoffive; my backwards girl with her leotard over her pants, shoes on the wrong feet and helmet on backward; me and my baby; testing out the tee-pee; Mommy and Kolter bday party selfie; Kolter's cowboy and indian birthday party decor

Date night w/ 2 of my loves #dimplesmakememelt #daddysboy #awanababysittingnight

We had fun celebrating cowboy Kolter's 1st birthday! He was quick on the draw with the sweets! #happy1stbirthday #cowboysandindians #sugarhigh; Nora loves coloring but she has just started to venture into drawing, this evolved into a pink horse and is one of her first drawings (age 3); #1 and #3 being cute; they are finally loose and it's time to play at the park again; my baby boy eating a pb&j like a big kid; this is my view most of the time…Kolter at my feet; Sawyer with some battle scars; Kolter in a full squat…I wish I could squat like that

 Enjoying some time in the photo booth at the library.

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