Friday, May 8, 2015

iPhone Dump {February}

My phone dump from February 2015:

Date night; Kolter climbing on the couch; painting away on a snowy day #littleartist; banana smile; banana frown; Sawyer and Nora at Kindergarten round-up; my sweet (and sassy) girl looks so little (and innocent) when she is napping #toobigtoofast #loveher; Kolter being silly on mommy's bed

Dr. Mommy to the rescue #officialtoydoctor #goodasnew; Kolter loves Buzz too; Kolter playing on Mommy's bed; Kolter on his tiptoes to see out the window; Kolter cutie; loving on my girl

my loves on love day

And the Valentine's festivities continue…our annual family fondue #yummy #tradition #nothingbeatschocolatecoveredstrawberries

Sawyer likes broccoli; Sawyer taking Kolter down the slide; Kolter loves it; Kolter snuggles; Kolter proud of his big boy skills, climbing up the slide; "Mom, I want to go to the beach!" #metoo #sooverwinter #youaremysunshine; Nora snuggles; oh, Mom; Kolter eating

Hey coach! Put me in! #littleplayer #babyballer #babywaterboy #minimvp 

 The boys all bundled up; Kolter and his cheeks in a stocking cap; Nora at a ball game; full of dots for AWANA night; dress up with friends; setting up a tea party #ifonlytheycouldcookdinner; Kolter's smile fills the room; look at those neck rolls; Sawyer and Mommy being silly

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