Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day 2015 was a little different than normal, but I still felt so loved and pampered!

The week before we celebrated with a pedicure with my Mom, Nora and Tache 

On Mother's Day we were back home in OH and Kyle was out-of-town. Even though I was doing it solo the kids and Kyle (from afar) made me feel quite loved!

It's always an adventure getting a picture of all 3. I told them I only wanted 2 things for Mother's Day. 1) a good picture of the 3 of them 2) as many hugs as I wanted…we're still working on the good picture ;)

Though the pictures aren't perfect it certainly demonstrates their personalities.

my 3 babies

The boy who made me a mommy. On Mother's Day night he was having a hard time falling asleep, so I let him snuggle in bed with me and we started talking about the day he was born. It was a sweet time of reminiscing.  

Sawyer and Nora each drew me a picture in my card journal. Kyle wrote me a sweet poem and got my favorite ice cream (he knew just what I needed for another week alone with the kids :) I also received a Noonday necklace I purchased for myself ;)

We went to church and then enjoyed naps together. For dinner, a sweet friend invited us over for food and play. It was nice to not have to make dinner and have some entertainment for the kids.

Not a traditional Mother's Day, but it was full of sweet moments and love! So thankful for my 3 littles that call me Mom…an especially good reminder when I have them all alone for days on end ;)

Sawyer made this little craft in Sunday School…I love to see how his little mind works.

Sawyer made this for me at school

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