Wednesday, April 29, 2015

iPhone Dump {January}

I take tons of everyday photos with my phone that sometimes never make it to the blog, so each month I'm going to do a phone dump of random pictures that capture our everyday life. Enjoy!

Unpacking Christmas gifts…not sure who had more fun decorating the dollhouse me or Nora #youngatheart #mommydaughterbonding #my3yearoldlovestodecorate; this kid and that dimple get me every time…even when I have to get up in the middle of the night #teethingsucks #whoneedssleep #ido; kisses for Kolter; happy anniversary to the best husband, father and friend (a few days late) #9thanniversary #loveyouwayalot; more kisses for Kolter…don't you just want to eat him up; thankful for snuggles from my almost 5 year old! Sad he isn't feeling well, but soaking up the extra time with him; Nora joined the snuggle time;

Sawyer loves playing with Kolter; Daddy's snuggle bugs; Nora + cake batter = true love; Sawyer practicing his bow and arrow; this boy has been under the weather for a week, but he must be feeling better because his smile is back! #makesmamashearthappy; Nora is a great helper feeding Kolter; Sawyer showing off his new Lego creations he built by himself; new hair cut/color for mama; Mama and her baby

Nora, Mommy and Kolter selfie; Nora the Princess at the library; Nora riding the Old Navy dog; my guy; silly Sawyer; Mommy selfie with her boys; Me and Sawyer waiting for food; Kolter and Daddy playing games

Family night'o'fun #welikepizza #mommydidnthavetocook
I can't believe it has been 10 months since this dimple entered my life #toobigtoofast #3rdchild

Sawyer shoveling all the snow; peek-a-boo Kolter; my skinny Sawyer; Kolter loves to play with Sawyer; Nora and her friend, Ayla, made her bed; Nora has a sweet tooth

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