Monday, May 25, 2015

Soccer Season

This spring Sawyer played on his first soccer team, the Lightening Bugs! He loved it!

Sawyer after his 1st practice

After the first soccer practice he ran to me and said, "that was fun, but I'm tired!" I've never heard those words uttered by my him before ;) That's also the reason we put him in soccer…to run off some energy.
Doing his drills
His soccer entourage

Sawyer (#3) with his friend from school
We chose this league because it was close to home and on a convenient evening, so we were surprised and excited when a boy from Sawyer's preschool was also on his team.
coming in for a water break
The first part of the practice they ran drills and learned new skills. The second part of practice they scrimmaged. Sawyer learned lots of new skills and certainly progressed over the 6 week season.

Sawyer in the yellow jersey
At this point he is not super competitive (maybe he never will be), but he loved just playing the game! He did score several goals during the scrimmages. He may or may not have also scored several times for the opposing side…that's an area he needs to improve on ;)

Soccer was certainly a hit!

Team picture of the whole club, Sawyer and his teammates are all on the 1st row
Following the season the club had an awards night at the park. They played a little soccer and then had ice cream!

Excitedly waiting for his medal

Super proud of his 1st medal! He has learned so much during his 1st season. Tonight during the scrimmage he knocked several people down (in true Schenk fashion), but he proceeded to stop playing, help them up and checked to make sure they were ok! #goodsportsmanshipisthebestlesson #whoisthiskid #proudmama

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  1. Very cool! We have the exact same program here in Hutch through the Rec/Club Azzurri. We weren't soccer players, so were thrilled when we found a program that was on a weeknight, taught the game, and let the kids scrimmage, too. Mackie is just like Sawyer - may not love the game, but loved running and moving around. It's a fun sport to watch, too!

    Great job, Sawyer!