Wednesday, May 13, 2015

CO w/ the Kids {Part 1}

The kids and I spent last week in Colorado visiting family. Here's a look at some of our adventures:

Speaking of adventures…flying with 3 kids by myself was certainly an adventure. Kyle was able to get a pass back to the gate so I did have some help until we got on the plane. How cute are those 3 little travelers? 

 This is a before and after flight picture. We survived ;)
The kids did fairly well on the flight. It was the passengers and flight attendants that I had to check my attitude with…lets just say they weren't very understanding.

Once we made it to CO we had all kinds of fun!

It was Papa Randy's birthday so we had to buy a few supplies.

We celebrated several times with friends, family and co-workers.

We got to meet this sweet guy, our newest nephew/cousin, Samuel 

 The cousins got to have lots of quality time

 This kid enjoyed all the birthday celebration.

 We played at the park

 We also practiced our teamwork and independence ;)

We also visited the library and Chick-fil-a to run off some of the kids energy

We did a lot more fun activities, but I've already bombarded you with enough pictures so we'll continue in another post.

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