Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Run

Sawyer's preschool hosted a fun run for all the kids. It's an annual fundraiser that the kids love!

Sawyer taking off…can you spot him…3rd kid from the left in blue pants and gray shirt

Sawyer in action and taking a water break

He ran by himself at times, but he also found friends and would run a lap with them. The run was 30 minutes in length and Sawyer ran 2.5 miles. I thought that was great for someone who has never intentionally run more than 1 lap. He had so much fun!

I spent the run trying to keep this kid away from the big kids water bottles. He was obsessed! Obviously I failed ;)

Nora also joined in on the fun. She ran several laps with Sawyer and her friend, Leah. She actually ran more than I ever thought she would, especially since she wasn't dressed for running ;)

and he's off…this kid wanted to follow the big kids
His punch card to record the laps

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