Monday, June 1, 2015

2nd Semester {4's Preschool}

Oh my, how he has grown!

Sawyer loved every minute of school this year! Everytime we pulled into the school drive he would say, "home, sweet super school!" He adored his teachers, loved playing with his friends, dressing up, building big structures, running outdoors, doing crafts and just simply playing.

Sawyer with his wonderful teachers Miss Stacey and Miss Alison

Sawyer will miss everyone over the summer, but he can't wait to return in the fall. He is going to attend pre-K/Kindergarten at the same school and we couldn't be more excited!

The pictures above were taken from the book his teachers put together as a parting gift. The first picture is his name (out of order) and a self portrait.

The rest of the pictures were taken by his teachers capturing daily school activity.

playing doctor
making gingerbread houses
seeing how many people could fit in the mitten
writing his name with magnets
play doh

making something in the kitchen

Daddy was the mystery reader!

Rocks and Lego's two of his favorite things!

making a rainbow
building a long race track with friends
working in the flower shop
our monster reading a book with Miss Alison
Just going shopping with friends dressed like a monster…typical daily activity ;)
making faces with unusual objects

playing vet and concentrating hard on punching holes 

science experiment with vinegar and baking soda
dress up with friends
a see-saw crafted from a tree they chopped down
playing I Spy around the classroom
all Weaver CDC students…no idea where Sawyer is at ;)

And some special artwork:

Sawyer struggles with his fine motor skills, so it's always special when he writes his own name!

He found all the letters to his name and glued them on…then he was instructed to decorate the letters…lets just say he is a minimalist
We all love his beautiful rainbow he made for Nora

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