Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sawyer Sayings & Eleanora Explanations


After trying a food he insisted he didn't like (even though it was his favorite a few years ago) he declared:
Sawyer: I like beans!
Me: Great, I knew you would!
Sawyer: But I don't like soup, jelly beans and magnets.

Sawyer: I wish our house had a wheel on it.
Me: What kind of wheel?
Sawyer: A steering wheel, so I can move it closer to Mema's house!

As told from Sawyer's teachers:

After completing a kindergarten readiness test
Teacher: Sawyer I think you are about ready for kindergarten
Sawyer: I was born ready!

While writing their names with marshmallows another classmate finished and asked the teacher to make one for his mom (mom was written on the paper)
Sawyer: Wow, your mom spells her name the same way my mom does!


While bossing Kolter around and pointing her finger: Do you see my finger!? It says NO!

When pulling into Target we have to pass a strip club that has an elaborate building. Nora LOVES this building. Her typical excited reaction:
Mom, it's the RAINBOW CASTLE! I love all the pretty colors (i.e. lights) and you know Rapunzel lives there too (picture of a lady with long hair on the sign)!
Every time we drive by she begs to go inside Rapunzel's house…I can't seem to break it to her, but she is never going inside.

A recent conversation in the car:
Nora: I live with Mommy, Daddy, Sawyer, Kolter, Jesus and God
Me: Yes you do
Nora: Jesus and God are the same, right?
Me: Yes they are
Nora: Who is God?
Me: God is everything…love, creator, father, etc. Did you know God created everything? The sky, moon, stars, grass, etc.
Nora: You mean God colored everything!?
Me: Yes he did!
I love her little perspective! Can you tell she loves colors and coloring.

Nora: Mom, can I color Anna and Elsa on my hand?
Me: No, but you can color them on a piece of paper.
Nora: This peach stuff (i.e. skin) is paper!
This conversation does not bode well for the tattoo talk in her teens.

Nora burps loudly.
Daddy: Nora that wasn't very lady like.
Nora (with the side eye and a smirk): I know, but it was funny.
Can you tell she has an older brother?

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