Monday, April 20, 2015


Since we didn't enroll Nora in preschool this year I knew I wanted to enroll her in some activity because she is sooooo social. I thought gymnastics this winter would be the perfect activity to get us out of the house, get her social interaction and I thought she would enjoy it.

When I brought it up in the new year she was adamant that she didn't want to go to gymnastics because she was scared to jump off the diving board :) It took a long time to finally convince her there was no diving board or water at gymnastics class (funny enough she is now in swim lessons and loves them).
Nora loves the idea of school. She is always making up a school just like Sawyer's with the teachers and students eerily similar to Sawyer's :) So, one day I got the idea to ask if she would like to go to gymnastics school (huge difference from gymnastics lessons ;) and once I mentioned the word "school" she was all in. I signed her up the next day!

sorry for the blurry shot…it's hard to get her moving from far away
jump, jump
Each week she eagerly went in, listened to her teacher and did every activity. She loved her teachers and all the fun activities. Such a difference from her brother's first gymnastics experience.

on the balance beam

And on the evaluation she completed all but 1 skill. I think she did great! She is eager to do it again, but we'll probably wait until next winter since she has swimming lessons currently, then it's summer, then it's football season...

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