Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We had a wonderful Easter full of celebration for our risen Savior and fellowship with friends!

The first order of business was Easter baskets in celebration of Christ's resurrection. The kids loved all the goodies (a bit of candy, piece of summer apparel, some goodies from Mema and Papa and a beach towel for upcoming swimming lessons)

Kolter was unsure of his 1st Easter basket

but once he discovered the eggs he was all in
After getting ready for church we had time for a little photo shoot.

Nora is not shy and if you can't tell she LOVES her dress…but don't tell her it's polka dot…those are eggs ;)

Our first born hates taking pictures, but I did get one genuine smile…I think Daddy was doing something silly

And this guy moves too quickly, but we grabbed a few shots

2 out of 3 smiling…not bad, not bad at all

My dimple boys

Following our wonderful church service we hosted lunch for our football family (that was still in town). We made our first ham. Truth be told Kyle made it and the mashed potatoes. My only cooking contribution was crockpot green beans. In my defense I spent the previous 4 days spring cleaning and was wiped out. With Easter and Kolter's party coming up the house needed a deep clean. As Kyle said "this is the cleanest the house has been in 5 years!"

Anyway back to Easter…our friends brought over the side dishes and desserts. It was a wonderful time with friends and their children. There were 7 adults and 8 kids. We are now outnumbered at every event!

After lunch we held a small egg hunt for the kiddos.

Most of our visitors left mid-afternoon so we enjoyed an afternoon of games, a long walk to take advantage of the beautiful day and early bedtimes.

our attempt at a family selfie

Mommy and Nora…she asked to have her hair curled, so this was the 1st time I've curled her hair and she loved it!

Party of 5 on Easter 2015

Nora trying a hard boiled egg for the 1st time…she was not a fan

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