Monday, April 13, 2015

Cowboys & Indians {Kolter's Party}

This weekend we celebrated Kolter's 1st birthday with a cowboy & indians party! We had lots of family and friends in attendance which made the day even more special!

Before the party I couldn't resist a little photoshoot with my little man and then his siblings.

my 3 loves
Papa & Nana with the kids
Papa & Tache with the kids
our little family
ready to get the party started
Kolter and his cowboy boots
After the party guests arrived we dined on a dinner fit for a cowboy…hot dogs, chips and veggies. Then we sang happy birthday and Kolter got to have his 1st bite of cake...

a little unsure of the fire in his face

he was very excited when big brother helped him blow out the candle

taking the 1st taste of icing

He immediately liked it! There was no holding back at this point. He picked up the whole cupcake and proceeded to inhale it!

This boy, he is not tentative. He had the whole thing gone in a matter of minutes! And i think it's safe to say he liked it.

After the smash cake the guests were invited to try a variety of s'more treats. Sawyer was sweet enough to roast a s'more for me, but Kolter would not stop trying to get his hands on it. So, I indulged him by putting him back in the high chair for round 2 of sweets.
He once again ate the whole thing. I should also mention after the party was over Kyle picked him up and he threw up all over the floor…so while he enjoyed the sugar high it may not be the best thing for his little tummy ;)

Here are some more action pictures from the party:

A group shot of the chaos. We had over 40 people crammed in our house including over 20 children. Before the party a friend suggested hiring a babysitter or two to run the games and crafts and generally control the chaos. That was the best move I made! There were no kids crying and everyone was taken care of so I could focus on the food and Kolter.

Speaking of crafts…we had a make your own indian headdress station. Lots of feather and glue!
the grandparents partaking in the s'mores bar

Ella enjoying some reading time in the tee pee and Nora chowing down on a s'more pop

Uncle Cliff, Cadence and Aunt Jess

We also had several outdoor activities for the kiddos and adults to enjoy. We had a bonfire going to roast s'mores. Kyle set out several games including a kid friendly horseshoe game, bow and arrow, soccer, sidewalk chalk, riding toys and an obstacle course. The weather was absolutely beautiful so everyone enjoyed being outdoors.

Kolter enjoying his party! He really was a great party host. He loves having lots of people to watch ;) As the party was winding down we started opening presents. He was not at all interested…surprise, surprise. But he got several new books, learning toys and he is completely outfitted for summer.

We love our family and group of friends. We feel so blessed to be able to share in this celebration of Kolter's life with them! I'll be back on Wednesday with more info and pictures about the party details.

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