Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Fun

This weekend we had lots of family fun centered around our risen Savior, Jesus Christ! Daddy had a 4 day weekend and we made the most of the extra time.

We made Easter cookies, dyed/decorated eggs, went to an Easter egg hunt, hosted Easter lunch and went to Good Friday and Easter services at church.

The Easter egg hunt was held at a nearby church. They put on a big event with an Easter story, craft and egg hunt. The kids had a blast at each activity. 

We were a little disappointed in the egg hunt this year because they allowed the kids to begin searching right when they entered the room (we were in a single file line) so if you were at the back of the line of people most of the eggs were collected by the time you even got in the room. We were near the back of the line. Sawyer knew what to do and he ran ahead of us and was able to collect about 10 eggs. Unfortunately, Nora was not so fast and she only found 3 (2 of which were already empty :( The frustrating part was there were some children with large baskets overflowing with eggs (50-60) while others got none because they happened to be at the back of the line. Ugh, we probably won't be going back.  

With all that said the kids did have fun, Sawyer shared his eggs with Nora and we had an egg hunt at home the next day so they got plenty of candy :)

Easter bunny shot…Nora who is typically scared of costumed animals couldn't wait to see the Easter bunny this year

We also made/decorated Easter eggs with Sawyer and Nora. This was the first year they really got into it. We had lots of fun dying, coloring, slapping on stickers and putting on shrinky dinks. 

And at the last minute we decided to host Easter lunch for 15 people. So, I thought I better take down the winter/valentine's day mantle and put up the Easter decor.

The next post will be about the big day, Easter!

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