Friday, April 10, 2015


As a parent there are all kinds of things you want to teach them about…the Lord, a love of reading, certain games, how to love one another, how to make a s'more, how to build a LEGO creation, etc. One of the chief things I want to instill in my children is kindness. Kindness can go a long way in shining your light for Christ in a dark world!

So to that end, for Lent I decided to do a random act of kindness each day. I've seen several families doing this during Christmas, but Christmas is so always busy. I really wanted to focus on our kindness so I thought the Lenten season, where we are focusing on Jesus' kindness, mercy, grace and love, would be a perfect time for our random acts of kindness.
a little welcome gift for new neighbors
There are several RAOK calendars online. I looked at several, but ultimately made my own since the kids are so little I tried to incorporate pretty simple acts that they could get involved with and understand the meaning.

Daddy and Sawyer shoveling snow for a neighbor
I'll be honest and say we didn't do a RAOK each day for various circumstances (i.e. weather mostly), but sometimes we did multiple RAOK in one day. And that actually was perfect because it demonstrated to the kids that kindness isn't jus something we check off each day. If we have an opportunity to extend kindness we should. Anyway here's the calendar:
Day 1: Make a card for a teacher
Day 2: Hold the door for others
Day 3: Bless someone with a baked treat
Day 4: Compliment a stranger
Day 5: Do something kind for your sibling
Day 6: Text an encouraging verse/note to someone
Day 7: Give someone a hug
Day 8: Make a card for a teacher
Day 9: Bake a treat for a neighbor
Day 10: Give a mother a break/play date
Day 11: Leave $ in a candy/toy machine
Day 12: Shovel snow for a neighbor
Day 13: Hold the door for others
Day 14: Leave a treat for the mail man(woman in our case)
Day 15: Leave mittens for cold fingers (deliver hats and gloves to a homeless shelter)
Day 16: Shovel snow for a neighbor
Day 17: Invite a family over for dessert and games
Day 18: Make a freezer meal for someone
Day 19: Give someone a hug
Day 20: Pass on a book
Day 21: Leave treats for the school janitor
Day 22: Collect clothes/toy for needy children
Day 23: Put change in parking meters
Day 24: Welcome a new neighbor
Day 25: Pay for someone else's meal
Day 26: Let others go 1st
Day 27: Give someone a flower
Sawyer and Nora made hug cards by tracing their hands and I cut a string as long as their reach, so they could hug their long distance grandparents
Day 28: Send a card to the grandparents
Day 29: Do something kind for your siblings
Day 30: Take cookies to the police station
At the police station they were kind to us and let the kids get in a police cruiser and see the flashing lights! They also gave them candy :)

Day 31: Make & take a pillowcase to the children's hospital
Day 32: Give someone a hug
Day 33: Compliment a stranger
I had fun giving another tired/worn out coaches mommy a break one day
Day 34: Give another mother a break/play date
Day 35: Take socks to the homeless shelter
Day 36: Take teachers coffee
Day 37: Hand out stickers in a waiting room
Day 38: Make someone smile! Hang a "Enjoy a Kiss" sign
Day 39: Compliment a stranger
taking brownies to our neighbor in the freezing cold and snow
Day 40: Leave treats for the church janitor
Day 41: Let others go 1st
Day 42: Pick up trash on a walk
Day 43: Send a card to the grandparents
Day 44: Make a bird feeder for neighborhood birds (we can be kind to wildlife too :)
Day 45: Give someone a hug
Day 46: Return a shopping cart and load groceries for someone
We did repeat some of the RAOK, which actually really helped remind the little ones how to practice kindness.

It was a great lesson in kindness for the both me and kids! We'll definitely be doing this again next year!

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