Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Football

Last weekend MU (and specifically Daddy) wrapped up the spring football season with a team scrimmage. We always enjoy the spring game because it's fun to get back out to the football field and it's usually one of the 1st nice days of spring weather.

The weather didn't disappoint! It was quite warm and sunny. We all enjoyed the rays, unfortunately I couldn't find our summer hats for Kolter so he was a little warm wearing his hoodie to protect his bald head :)

The kids enjoyed playing with their friends. This was the 1st game Kolter has been to where he was mobile and he did really well…though it was a little tiring for mommy!

searching for daddy
He is very intrigued by all sports with a ball
Kolter excited to see Daddy after the scrimmage
my oldest and youngest boy
Now we get Daddy back until fall!

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