Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mommy Dates

I am with my kids all day, everyday but I rarely get one-on-one time with the kids. So this spring I decided to be intentional about spending some quality time with each of the older kids.
Sawyer and Mommy went on a coffee date. It was Sawyer's 1st time at Starbucks (obviously his parents aren't coffee drinkers)! Sawyer was such a gentleman…he opened the door and paid for the food (i.e. used Mommy's gift card).

It was so nice to sit and just talk to my oldest child. When chasing after the younger ones I often forget how old he is getting. We sat and had great conversation! Then we ate our cake pops and Sawyer drank his vanilla steamer. To round out our date we played games and did a puzzle. Sawyer loves puzzles and games and having mommy's undivided attention. It was so fun hanging out with my big boy!

I also had some fun girl time with my little lady. I had some girly entertainment planned, but Nora begged to do the same thing as Sawyer ;) So, we did a little shopping and hit up Starbucks. We got cake pops and she chatted my ear off. I adore spending time with my fun loving, sassy little Eleanora. She is growing up too fast!

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