Friday, April 3, 2015

5 on Friday

1) I don't know if I've mentioned it but we got a new (to us) car. Now Kyle can once again drive himself to work. It's been a huge blessing!

2) This winter I was a big slacker with my Etsy shop. Primarily because it was so cold I didn't want to go outside to take pictures. Also, I was in a bit of a creative slump. But Fresh Regard recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary and that gave me the motivation to get moving again. I've come up with several new products and added more patterns to the original towel sets. Check out the shop to see all of the new items including a new vintage inspired collection.

3) I enjoy fashion, but as a SAHM with few discretionary funds I don't stay on trend nearly as much as I used too. With that said each year I like to buy a few new pieces, but I typically stay away from trendy clothes because I need to wear them for years to come and don't want something that will go out of style. So my clothes options are pretty classic (i.e. boring :) incorporating lots of neutrals. I will add a pop of color in a scarf or my favorite way to amp up an outfit…the shoes. Shoes are my weakness! I love a good shoe, but these days I don't have a need for cute heels or several boot options. I need comfort that's cute.

As we suffer through winter in Ohio, I wear my red wellies nearly everyday and I love them! But as spring time rolls around I wanted a transition shoe. On the wet days I will still wear my wellies, but I needed an option for the dry days…until I can wear flip flops. So, I used some Christmas money to purchase a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor's. I've never owned Chucks, but I LOVE the way they look with cuffed jeans, t-shirt and military jacket…which is basically what I wear everyday. I really wanted the white, but after I brought them home I realized that was not a good option since I have 3 kids who constantly step on my feet. So I returned them for the gray (dolphin) color and could't love them more. They are cool yet comfortable. They make this SAHM feel a little trendier as I go about my day running kids here and there!

4) This week was Sawyer's spring break. We didn't do a whole lot since Daddy still had to work, but on Thursday we snuck in a quick trip to the zoo. The weather report said it was going to be warm and it was sunny when we left the house, but as we neared the zoo the clouds rolled in and the rain began to pour. We made the best of it by eating lunch first and visiting all the indoor exhibits. Finally the rain let up and we were able to enjoy the animals. Plus it was even more fun because we went with friends!
This is a picture of a lion stretching taken through the glass "painted" by the lions paws. Nothing really notable about the picture, but Sawyer did take it. He is really into taking pictures right now. At the zoo he kept asking for my phone so he could "snap a picture." The first time he used that phrase I just laughed and he thought I didn't understand so he said, "Mom, snap a picture means to push the button on the phone." Thanks for the explanation son :)
Sawyer and Nora with friends right before the downpour
working as a team

5) I don't know if I've mentioned to the virtual world, but I ADORE Jimmy Fallon. Some might say I'm obsessed…Well when he announced his ice cream collaboration with Ben & Jerry's I could hardly stand my excitement. Two of my favorite things, ice cream and Jimmy Fallon, combined into 1 beautiful creation! What's not to love? The ice cream flavor was introduced more than a month ago and I have been on the HUNT for Tonight Dough. I may or may not have checked at least 10 grocery stores…no luck. Until this week! I finally found it at Walmart of all places! I almost did a happy dance in the freezer section!

However, there is one problem. The morning of my discovery I vowed to start eating better. So, I purchased a pint of Tonight Dough just to torture myself. Just kidding, I did buy a pint, but I'm waiting to break it open until my monthly girls night…which is at the end of the month. Wish me and my willpower luck :)

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