Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, White, & Blue Weekend

We had a wonderful, fun-filled holiday weekend!

Friday was Kyle and Sawyer's 1st day back from Kansas so we spent time hanging out as a family. We even watched a Redbox...this is significant because as my husband can attest I rarely watch movies because I can't sit still for that long.

Saturday was Kyle's 31st birthday. I watched Sawyer so he could truly relax. That afternoon we headed to downtown Akron for the rib's festival. Kyle ate some amazing Kansas City BBQ ribs, I got a snow cone, and Sawyer got to run around in the park. It was a successful trip for everyone :) We came home and enjoyed some homemade ice cream and playing the Wii.
Kyle & Sawyer @ the Ribs Fest
Kyle showing off his rack
Chowing down
Running to the fun
Mommy & Sawyer
Enjoying a snow cone

Sunday we went to church and then to a BBQ at Troy & Candace's. It also happened to be their gender reveal party! We had lots of fun and good food! And we found out we're having another nephew! We're so excited for them and can't wait for Sawyer to have another playmate!

In our red, white & blue before church

Monday Kyle participated in a church outreach event by picking up trash at a local race. Then we met with church friends for the parade. This was Sawyer's 1st parade experience. It was pretty comical. Kyle sat with him to demonstrate how to get the candy. At first he didn't understand because he would pick up a piece of candy and then throw it back to the parade participants. Kyle let him have a piece of candy and he quickly caught on that throwing the candy back was not the best option. There were several older kids around us so he wasn't fast enough to get much candy, but several of the older kids would share their pieces. This resulted in him taking the piece of candy they offered and then he would give them one of the pieces he was holding. It was too cute. By the end of the parade he was in a big crowd of kids jostling for the candy and he even got a few without any assistance. I think it was a successful 1st parade. He definitely understands the concept now :)

Later that day we attended a BBQ with lots of friends and perfect weather. It was a perfect ending to a great weekend.
Watching the parade action and waiting for some candy
On the prowl
Oh I found one
Yay it's all mine
But I'll share too.

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