Friday, July 29, 2011

38.5 Weeks Update & The Date

7/29 this was the day I envisioned this little one arriving. I wanted her to have a July birthday, so her special day wouldn't be overshadowed by football activities in August. It was 10 days before her due date, which is when her older brother arrived. It was a Friday so we would have the weekend to begin our transition before Kyle had to return to work. Those were my plans, but obviously God had another more perfect plan...we're still waiting to find out what that is :)

So, even though the little lady did not arrive on 7/29 it was a rather eventful day.

1) It was my last day of "work"
2) I had BH contractions all day
3) I've been experiencing quite a bit more pelvic pain than usual. Basically it hurts to sit, stand, or walk. Which is a-ok if my body is working on getting this baby out :)
4) I had a doctor's appointment. I saw the midwife and everything seems to be moving along quite nicely. My blood pressure and weight gain were good (only 1 lb. in 1.5 weeks and that included a lot of ice cream :) The baby was moving around and her heart rate was up to 164 bpm. The midwife said that was a good sign...moving around+increased heart rate=working neurological system. She is still head down and very low. In fact when they measured me I was measuring at 30 weeks pregnant, but they were not concerned about her size, she is just down to far to get an accurate measurement. She also mentioned I will not have a ginormous baby, which will be helpful when I'm trying to get her out :) I am only 1 cm dilated (boo), but I am fully effaced and she is at a zero station which is pretty low considering I'm not in labor. So, we continue to wait.
5) The Hall of Fame activities have begun and I got to participate in my favorite one (well really it's the only one I've ever participated in, but I enjoy it). We went to the hot air balloon invitational. This is the first year we took Sawyer and he L.O.V.E.D. it.

Sorry no pictures the cameras have been packed away so we don't forget to take them to the hospital. Sawyer is not allowed to do anything cute until his little sister arrives :)


  1. I think the effacement is a bigger deal than the centimeters dilated, I'm sure she'll be here before you know it! Little girls do like to keep you guessing, you know ;)

  2. I agree, Kit! I stayed at 1 cm with all three of mine until right before I went into labor. Hang in there!

  3. I have heard of so many people who were a lot of centimeters beforehand, but until you're effaced that baby isn't going anywhere! So that's the place to start, imo. The centimeters can change quickly once labor starts....hopefully soon, eh? ;)

    Well maybe she just wants an August birthday. After all, I have one! :)

  4. Thanks for the info about effacement. I didn't really know that was the key. I'm thankful that things seem to be moving in the right direction. With Sawyer I was 4 cm dilated for a week before I went into labor. It's just funny how this pregnancy is so different than the 1st one. We'll just have to wait until she's ready and I've accepted the fact she will be an August baby (not that I had a choice :)