Friday, July 8, 2011

34 Weeks

Sorry, no picture. As I am now 35 weeks along I thought I better do an update on my 34 week doctor appointment.

My weight gain was good only 1.5 lbs. in 3 weeks. My blood pressure was normal. The babies heart rate was 156 bpm. I'm not experiencing any swelling even with the higher temperatures. The exciting part of this visit was I finally decided to start asking questions about how this labor and delivery is going to work.

What is the probability this baby will come early (since Sawyer came a couple of weeks early)?
Response: there is a relatively high probability she may arrive a little early as history tends to repeat itself.
My thoughts: trying not to get my hopes up, but after I hit 37 weeks she can come at any time!

How am I measuring?
Response: She is measuring 2 weeks small. However, this is considered in the normal range as every person is built differently and it can be difficult to measure depending on the babies position.
My thoughts: Sawyer always measured small. So we might be looking at another small baby. Again trying not to get my hopes up :)

How is she positioned?
Response: she is head down and very low at this point. However, the 2nd child can move back up, but she probably won't change position. Her feet are in my ribs.
My thoughts: Whoo hoo she's in position to make her entrance. And I'm fully aware her feet are in my ribs making it very difficult to bend over.

Will this labor be faster than the 1st time?
Response: Typically yes.
My thoughts: uh oh Sawyer's labor was very quick for a 1st time delivery. I better watch carefully for signs of labor as I don't want to give birth at home alone with Sawyer!
Response: Come to the hospital when contractions are 10 minutes apart. If I am unsure whether I am in labor I need to lay down on my side and drink 2 large glasses of water. If the contractions slow down it is false labor. If not, get to the hospital asap!

I feel so much better after this appointment. It is reassuring to understand the labor and delivery process with my new doctor and hospital (new as in different than my experience w/ Sawyer). It's also reassuring to know she is in the proper position.

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  1. I was totally wondering that about Sawyer coming a bit early and maybe this one coming early too! And having small babies is A-ok, mine are always small too (and girls are often smaller than boys anyway). As for fast labors, well I don't have those! But I would suspect that the difference wouldn't be as drastic as if you had a typically long first labor, then the 2nd is "normal" and thus seems so much faster, you know what I mean? The doc's advice of when to go in sounds like a good, reassuring, plan though. So excited for you :)