Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This past weekend we savored every minute as it was our last weekend before football started in full swing, last date night before we become a family of 4, and last Saturday to enjoy a full day of family fun until football season is over.

So we made our way to Cleveland to give Sawyer his 1st taste of a splash park. Troy, Candace, and Gracie also came along to play. Sawyer was a little hesitant of the water in his face, but he did enjoy splashing. He was so cold he was shaking like a leaf, but that didn't stop him from playing. He got even more brave when we gave him a ball to throw in the water. There was also a playground at the park. So, in between splashes he went down the slide.

Dad & son ready to go

Trying to squash the water

Some little girl really wanted to help Sawyer but he was not having it

Gracie protecting Sawyer

Splish splash

Throwing the ball into the ring of water was a favorite activity as long as someone went into the water to retrieve the ball

slide time

Escaping from mom and hiding under a bench. It was actually a pretty great place to "hide" since I can't really bend down that far right now and I couldn't pull him out because I'd scrape up his tummy.

After a picnic lunch at the park we sent Sawyer home with his aunt and uncle. Kyle and I stayed in a Cleveland for an afternoon of fun. We walked around a mall, went to see a movie together for the 1st time since before Sawyer was born (we saw Transformers 2 and ironically Transformers 1 was the last movie we watched before Sawyer was born), then we went to Little Italy and had some wonderful, authentic Italian food and homemade gelato. All in all it was a pretty great Saturday with good family time and good couple time.

Now the laundry is done, the hospital bag is packed, and the house is picked up (trying to keep it this way)...come on baby girl this would be a great time to make your entrance. If you wait too much longer I'll have to do laundry again :)

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  1. Oh yay! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the park and had a nice weekend!