Thursday, July 14, 2011

18 months {updated}

Sawyer had his 18 month doctor appointment this morning. The results he is growing both physically and developmentally. No concerns from the doctor.

His stats:
Height 31.25 inches (25%)
Weight 22 lb. 4 oz. (10%)
Head Circumfrence 18 inches

My best attempt at an 18 month photo shoot:

Sawyer running

Sawyer falling down

Sawyer chewing on his shirt

Sawyer saying "hi" to momma

Sawyer running into the couch for fun

Oh finally a still moment...probably some music on tv...but he's not looking at the gives up :)

Oh Sawyer, you are 18 months old. Not only does that mark the 1 1/2 year threshold, but it also means you will become a big brother this month!

You are a busy little man. I figured you would be at least 10 before you were faster than momma, but that is not the case. At the ripe old age of 18 months you may be able to give Carl Lewis a run for his money. If you take off across the football field or at the park there is no way your momma can catch you (this may have something to do with her being 9 months pregnant, but regardless you are fast).

Your favorite activities include playing with a ball especially a basketball and football. If you see anyone with a ball you yell "ball" and go running. You also like to read books and sing songs. You may not be able to sing the words to most songs but you do make up sounds that go along with the tune of the song. Currently your favorite songs are the ABC's and Jesus Loves Me.

Your vocabulary continues to grow by leaps and bounds. You will attempt any word if we ask you too. It doesn't always come out perfectly, but at least you try. And it always surprises us when we can understand your new word. Some of the recent word additions include: football, basketball, keys, your sister's name that cannot yet be revealed, remote, snack, milk, truck, dirt, rock, hat, hot, and yucky. You have even started to put 2 and 3 words together. The first time you said "hi daddy." You also say, "let me out" when we get stuck somewhere.

You are a climber. If the adults exit the room I know you will immediately climb on top of something. Be it the desk, the craft table, the bed, the end table, the couch, the window, the chair, the kitchen name it, you will climb on top of it. Pretty sure we will enroll you in gymnastics the moment you are old enough. Momma needs to channel your climbing passion into something productive and away from hazardous objects :)

You are mischievous! You run toward any open door. You love to hide. And you love to hide things. In fact, recently I had to search for 1 of your shoes for over 30 minutes and search for my car keys for an hour all in the same day. You've also managed to lose 1 Nike Shox (luckily you just grew out of them) and 2 cloth diapers. I'm pretty sure you threw them in the trash and they were taken away before we realized they were missing. But we've turned the house upside down looking and it may remain a mystery forever. Despite all of your mischievous tendencies mom & dad secretly think it's cute and when you give us that smile as you go running to your next adventure we know you have mischief on your mind.

And much to our dismay this month you have turned into quite a bully. Your favorite attack method is hitting. We are trying to put a stop to this immediately. A little help from you would be greatly appreciated.

This next month will bring about big changes in your world (a new sibling, no more pacifier at bedtime, new sleeping arrangements, the major loss of daddy time, and perhaps a major loss of mommy time), but we are confident that you will transition well and if not we're just thankful you won't remember this crazy time in our life :) And no matter what transpires over the next few weeks we love you more than words can express and can't wait to watch you as you continue to grow into a little boy and a big brother.

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