Monday, February 2, 2015

10 months

January flew by and so did your 9th month of life, but somehow you accomplished a lot this month!


Battled your 1st bout of sickness…3 days of high fever, lots of tears and sleeping. You finished it up with a  nice head cold

Clap and high five

Pull up on everything…sometimes you let go and stand or lunge forward…you seem pretty content to crawl

Crawl at a rapid speed

Have a smile (and dimple) that light up a room

Are into everything…this month you ate dirt from 2 potted plants, peanut butter out of the trash (your first taste), wood, and who knows what else

Say Dada and all done at the appropriate times and I've heard you say yay and mama once

Still only have 2 teeth

Wear size 3 diapers

Wear size 9 month or 6-12 month clothes

Are sensitive. The first few times I told you "no" in a stern voice you burst into tears. I just assumed you were not used to my stern voice. Then one night I tested my theory. You were obsessive about getting a hold of my phone. I kept pulling it away from you then I would say "no" in a very nice, sweet tone and every time without fail when the word "no" passed through my lips you would burst into tears. While it was sad to see you so brokenhearted I was just astounded (and truth be told a little humored) that you are so sensitive.

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