Monday, February 16, 2015

iPhone Unload {3rd & 4th Quarter 2014}

Last year I started doing a quarterly iPhone picture dump, but after 6 months I lost the motivation. They are kind of time consuming, so I dropped the ball. It has been on my to-do list forever, so I finally bit the bullet.

Plus it was kind of fun to see how much they have grown and remember the warm weather.

July (top to bottom, L to R): Sawyer holding Kolter; Nora holding Kolter (he is a little terrified); Kolter x3; smiling Nora; sleeping Nora; "I'm a penguin, I'm a penguin"…original composition by Sawyer; chimney repair; Kolter in his baby car seat; early morning snuggles with Sawyer and Kolter; another home project complete after 4 years…stair trim; Nora's new dollhouse; Kolter in his shades and not very happy, Hope and a sand angel; Nora swimming in WI; Nora and Natalie; Kyle and Kolter at the pool; Natalie and a fountain; Sawyer at the pool; Kolter chilling in the shade; fun restaurant in Madison, WI; Sawyer and Nora eating ice cream; a family of Crocs; Nora and Sawyer at our summer photo shoot in WI; a little girl and her wagon; Mommy and Sawyer selfie; packing up from our vacation; lunch at a train restaurant in WI; Nora being innovative using her new bear as a neck pillow; Kolter at 4 months old and gaining more baby chub everyday; Nolan, Gracie, Sawyer and Nora playing in the soccer field in Chicago; Nolan and Kolter; Gracie and Kolter; Nora Sylvan Lake; Trinity's stadium; Gracie, Sawyer and Nora at Sylvan Lake; Nora, Sawyer and Gracie snuggling on the couch; cousins eating an indoor picnic; poor baby is feeling under the weather as evidenced by his ability to fall asleep in a Bumbo; Nora modeling her new Doc McStuffins shirt; Kolter; best bros; family selfie at the HOF parade x2; baby blues; Nora new; my 3 boys; my little minions at movie in the park; smilie Kolter at movie in the park; Kyle and Sawyer splishing and splashing through our vacation WI; Nora on the sidelines; Tache going down the slide in the Dells

Kolter in his car seat; Kolter eating his hand; this big brother adores his little brother (evidenced by the fact the boy who never wants to take a picture asked me to take a picture) #brotherlylove; swimming at a friends pool; Kolter rocking the bucket hat; happy baby; 2 peas in a pod; pretty happy about turning 5 months old; baby feet; Adam and Rachel Chase's wedding reception x4; morning brother snuggles; nursing Kolter; Sawyer wrapped up in a towel; happy brothers; first day of football season 2014 and my little pioneers are wearing their Malone gear to support their favorite team; Kolter found his feet; Nora and a funny face; Nora playing with Kolter in the activity gym; a boy and his Bumbo; 2 kids very happy to see Daddy during football camp; Daddy helping Sawyer with his Legos; poppin' the collar #chubbycheeks; the range of emotions in this little lady is astounding…happy and smiling one moment, pouty and sad the next #ohthedrama; happy baby; Sawyer thinking hard; "look Mom! I stuck Kolter in a cage!" #3rdchild; Mommy and Sawyer; 3 little kiddos; Nora as Buzz Lightyear; Nora hug; someone struck again…baby in a tutu #3rdchild; brothers; sweet Nora; Nora buried in the blocks; baby wearing Kolter; he's not always happy; Nora in her towel at the beach; Sawyer in his towel at the beach; morning wake-up call; Kolter's 1st attempt with the sippy cup #practicemakesperfect; he tried to eat it; he advanced quite quickly from a sippy cup to a regular cup…or I left my cup close enough to grasp; Sawyer at Pump It Up; Kolter checking out Pump It Up; Kolter napping at Pump It Up; they were really into educational worksheets this morning, so I left the room to do some housework and this is what I came back to…they were turning themselves into superheroes; Kolter and his dimple; executing his revenge; 3rd child; Sawyer being Handy Manny at school, early morning snuggles with all my kids

Sawyer and Mommy in glasses; Nora breaking an egg while helping Mommy bake; my little big man; her favorite toy may be Buzz Lightyear, but there is some girlyness in her. Tonight she rocked a Target date wearing ALL of her jewelry! #sheglammeditupwithstickers; baby Kolter; Fro yo for lunch? Yes, please! Celebrating Sawyer's day of 4's preschool #toobigtoofast; this kid and those eyes; Nora being Kolter's Mommy; play time with Daddy; Kolter and tummy time; Nora's mini manicure; Nora and Mommy on an ice cream date; what the family/play room usually looks like…just keeping it real; Kolter and his cheeks; Harley Davidson Kolter; oh the drama of a 3 year old; smiling Kolter; Kolter practicing his push-ups #checkoutthoserolls; Nora showing off the scarf she insisted Mommy make her; Sawyer and Nora; tummy time or wrestling match? #3rd child; makes my heart happy #blessed; mom fashion, Sawyer showing off his black eye; Nora pretending she has a black eye; we are what we wear; brotherly love; Sawyer and his 2 wheel bike; Kolter and his Sophie; Kolter the contortionist; sleeping babe, Mommy selfie with her boys; Sawyer thinking; Sawyer's 1st selfie; Sawyer's 2nd selfie (he held the camera/phone, titled his head and moved the phone to get just the right angle) #selfieinstinct; Kolter eating; Kolter bathing; Kolter napping; baby feet are the best; when did he get big enough to do this? #toobigtoofast; Nora and Sawyer built a tower so Nora could climb up to the top bunk; my 3rd baby; my 2nd baby; Kolter chilling at the zoo; looking for the bears at the zoo with the Penners; Sawyer going down the otter slide; Ella and Nora going down the otter slide; Kolter being cute at the zoo…this happy, chubby, blue eyed, dimple faced boy is 6 months old

Kolter exacting his revenge on Nora (pulling her hair); Nora making a silly face; Kolter playing like a big boy; Nora snuggles; love Kolter in navy stripes…can't get enough; Nora chowing down on corn on the cob; Daddy too; No daddy don't leave; Sawyer's 1st drawing of a person; Kolter's 1st time sitting in a shopping cart; new business cards for Fresh Regard; Kolter's 1st experience on the grass #borntoplay #footballpracticeisfun; Sawyer photo bomb, Kolter in his hoodie; all 3 kids in the cart at Target; cheap gas; do you think these two could be related? Kyle 7 and Sawyer 4 #likefatherlikeson; Kolter the lumberjack; the bigs waiting in line; Kolter being cute at Daddy's football game; he is officially on the move and already creating mischief #hefoundthetrashcan; Daddy and Sawyer tickle time; Kolter on all 4's; Sawyer and Nora showing off their purchases made with their 1st chore money; miss sassy; Daddy's girl; this girl loves to read; sleeping babe; my 1st trip to Connecticut for work, only picture I got; trick-or-treating at the mall; my little football; the cheerleader; my football player; chubby cheeks; Mommy with Nora and Sawyer; ready for a football game; Nora cheering on the team, she really got into character; trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with Daddy; smiley Kolter; Sawyer hiding in the laundry basket; riding the laundry basket; baby snuggles

Nana and Kolter in IN; Tache and Kolter in IN; Kolter learns to climb the stairs #timetogetoutthegate; while he may be growing quickly he still falls asleep on his mama #babysnuggles; Nora's cuteness; Sawyer the nerd…cutest nerd I've ever seen; Daddy and Kolter play time; twins in attire, not in attitude #matchingboysisfun; where's my Nora among the stacks; 3rd child; Nora can't wait to play in the 1st snow of the year; snowman; Kolter attacking Daddy's nose; And we're off…1 bag, 5 coats and lots of prayer #flyingwith3kids4andunder; seated on the airplane; Kolter's 1st airplane ride; my seasoned travelers; Sawyer and Nora riding the train; Me and Sawyer on Thanksgiving; Kolter and his neck rolls; all the Rush cousins eating together; Nathaniel at the dinosaur museum; Nora giving Nathaniel some love; cute Kolter; the Lord has blessed us richly! I am especially thankful for this smiley babe who is 8 months old on this Thanksgiving day; Kolter fell asleep at the table his 1st Thanksgiving #tryptophanwinsagain; annual Rush Thanksgiving walk; Noah and Sawyer; playing at the park; Sawyer ready to head home; Nora waiting for the plane looking like a teenager; morning snuggles with my 3 kiddos; Friendsgiving complete with pilgrim hats and Indian headdresses; Nora in the car; cute Nora; princess Kolter eating his glass slipper #3rdchild

Nightly Advent time; Sawyer baking Christmas cookies; Nora baking Christmas cookies; PKS cookie exchange; Kolter eating his 1st Cheerios; What do you do with a fussy infant while trying to get 3 small children out the door and gulp down your own breakfast? Why of course you set him down on the floor amidst a pile of day old spilled Cheerios #workedlikeacharm; Kolter trying to get Sawyer's hat; a horse disguised as Spiderman giving Miss Butterfly a ride; someone else has an affinity for fabric #pinksparklesforthewin; Nora wrapping Sawyer's gift; pajamas+hot chocolate+Christmas lights=a fun family tradition; Advent devotional time; sleeping babe; a cheerleader or the next choir boy? #3rdchild; smiley babe even in the wee hours of the night; documentation of 10:11 12/13/14; Malone's gym; Nora playing in the gym; Kolter playing in the gym; reupholstering chairs requires lots of staple removal; Nora as Laura for the evening; Mom fashion; Sawyer dancing with Nora in his classroom; Kolter riding a horse; Kolter nursing; Kolter getting into the cabinets; happy baby; Nora eating the Jesus birthday cake; Kolter and Sawyer playing; Nora asleep on the LONG drive to KS; my dimple boy on Christmas day; the Schenk girls liven' the fancy life in SC

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